hey what`s up? have you heard about the end of the world this year? well then you don`t have very long to see RODEO CLOWN DROPOUTS!!!! somebody`s gonna get it. CHEERS!!!!

Hey whats up?

hey Ya'll!! hope everyone's doing good. it looks like we got a few good things going on so we would like to see ya'll make it out sometime. if ya want to go to some out of town shows with us always remember you just be at my house when we head out. Bring Beer.----Jimmy D.

Rodeo Clown Dropouts Wrestle ReverbNation

Greetings from Oak Cliff, Texas. We Love Austin!!! We're getting the ReverbNation page Up and Running!!! Well, sorta (((: Unable to link the Facebook "FAN PAGE" to Our New ReverbNation Site, so use that Lazy Finger to "click" on there and check it out!!! And there's some of that YouTube mess out there somewhere. We want to keep our Reverbnation site updated for EVERYONE and Hope to See Y'all Soon!!!! We LOVE OUR FANS, cause they Taste So Damn Good!!!