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Back in the Swing Of Things

Hello again one more week of the summer, and we are ready to feel the cool breeze of the fall every night. Thieves Of Sunrise has had a slight break while the weather has been hot. We are gearing up and headed to West Texas this weekend, the Acoustic Trio will be providing a good ole time for the fine folks of Midland TX. This is just a prelude to what is coming this fall. We are writing and rehearsing new material and prepping our roadshow to continue to provide support for soul stew. So call up your local radio station and ask for "Lay It Down". It has another month or so before we supply with our next rock n roll offering. For hometown fans we are making an effort to reach out and play more , closer to home. Let us know where you would like to see us.


Good week to you all, we hope you are moving forward!!! This post is dedicated to our fans, we have the best ones. In an effort to show our appreciation we inviting you to share your photos and videos from our shows. We are going to be starting a fan club on our website this fall. Also we will be opening a fan picture folder and video folder on our social media. So for all of you out snapping pics and taking vids no you have something to do with them. We will upload your videos to our youtube and then put them up on our fan section at www.thievesofsunrise.com. Y'all get to uploading and posting your Thieves media to facebook.com/thievesofsunrise. We may have to start a feature photo of the week. Peace and love to you all ..until next time.

All Things Thieves

It has come to our attention that while we are a grassroots movement that attempts to not conform to present day norms of the music industry and the overuse of social media, we have fallen short in keeping our fans and friends regularly informed. Like any good counter culture movement the flow of information is paramount. So far in 2015 we embarked upon the soul stew tour in the winter/spring. We released our highly anticipated Soul Stew album of which our now second single is moving swiftly around the globe. Thieves was featured on the cover and had a 4 page spread on the brand new bridge the beats magazine. We were also chosen as The Ghosts of Blind Lemon top 3 shows to see in Dallas Fort Worth. Our fall schedule has plans to be littered with local DFW shows before we blast off on our "class is in session" tour across the US. Later this year we are planning on releasing a live DVD from the Gas Monkey Album Release party. We love seeing all of you beautiful people out there, we also love hearing from you all. Get in touch and tell us things you would like to see, what you want to know and possibly where you want to see us. Remember to spread the love and positive vibes.

Happy 2014

And a happy new year to all you beautiful people!!! We have an amazing ending to 2013, and we are really feeling our groove now. We have brand new tunes old unreleased tunes and all of your favorites for the Revolution: peace love and rock n roll album. We are ready to bring them all to you once again and we plan on doing things bigger and better than ever. It has been such a pleasure to play with new friends while getting out feet back on the stage. We have also made many new ones. We can't express what a blessing it is to play for all of you great folks out there. 2014 is sure to be a great year and we look forward to seeing you all, please remember to spread the good news, it takes a movement to change the world and we can't do it with out you, all of you are a part of what we are. Can't wait to see all of your smilin' faces...

Peace and Love Thieves Of SunRise

New Music

While regrouping and adding new members we have been working on some new songs. We are sure that you will feel our groove. We do our best as a band to hold true to the spirit of rock n roll and in that spirit we are evolving and exploring all avenues that our music provides. We will be utilizing a more traditional blues feel with a California psychedelic edge that is sure to make you feel nothing but good vibes. I have no doubt that the new tunes will take you to a new place and revive your soul. Being a grassroots no nonsense band is not always the easiest thing to be but we do our best to bring you the best possible music we can, so prepare yourself for a righteous good time when coming out to one of our shows.

The Stage

Hello good friends we are sending out positive vibes to all. We are getting things close to where we like them finally, three shows in but finding our groove with new members and enjoying our time coming back to our fans. Our work load is only getting bigger next month and that is fine because the stage is exactly where we wan to be. We are writing new tunes that we will try to bring to you as quickly as possible but seeing them live will by far be the best way to experience them. We are trying to keep you in the loop as much as possible and we will continue to give you videos, pics and songs on a weekly basis.

Peace & Love to all May the good vibrations fill your cosmic flow...

Returning to The Stage

Well folks as you may or may not have seen, we are getting back to things. The Thieves Have taken a hiatus for the last 10 months and on the first weekend of the 11th month well will take the stage once again. We are opening up the show for a great rock band, Black Dutch Sioux. It is all going down November 2nd at Filthy McNasty's Saloon in the Ft. Worth Stockyards. We are excited and once again have great things on the horizon. Make sure to keep up with us at any or all of our available sites. We hope to see all your smilin' faces soon.

Peace and love to all you beautiful people...

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The times they are a changing...

Hello once again everybody, with the new year comes cosmic rays of sunshine and we are making the most of it. With our music video for the single "No Time To Waste" in the final stages and preparations to finish our album near we are gearing up to head West in the early spring. With a hefty amount of miles under our belt already the Thieves have a full schedule ahead and new dates are being added weekly. So watch closely that you may catch us as we head your way.

Till next time, Peace, Love, and Rock-n-Roll

New Year a coming...

Hello ladies and gents, well one more year coming to a close and that means a brand new one is upon us. With this closing and opening, we are still in the process of recording our debut album shooting videos and gearing up for our first tour. We will be beginning on January 12th making our first stop in Gretna LA @ Benny's Bull and Blues Bar and will go through southern Louisiana and return through Houston. Hope to see you all in between the lines.


With new members and some from the past we have begun our new journey. We have already gigged and started to re-recorded some old material from Matthew's Last Look Back record. We will all be around doing various gigs but we will hit the road on August 26th starting at the Black Cat Thicket festival. Hope to see everyone on the road...