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Why RI's Music Scene is a Complete Fucking Mess

Hey there friends and fans. The RI music scene has tons of potential but continues to wallow in medioctrity. Why? Many reasons. First there are so many venues that offer live music right now that it's almost impossible for anyone to pack a room anymore. How many little bars now have open mike nights when they never used to? Too many. Every night in RI there are multiple open mike's and too much to choose from. Everyone is playing shows all the time. This is tough for musicians as most of their friends are musicians. How can you pack a room when most of your friends have shows to play themselves? And Providence is just a fucking madhouse right now. Clubs have music nights where up to 8 bands are playing. Every band lugs their gear, plays a show, and sells tickets. Then, not only do they not get paid for their time and effort, but then they have to turn their ticket money over to the promoter at the end of the night. What the fuck? And so many bands are desperate for exposure that they put up with these ridiculous conditions. Finally, a lot of people are putting sub-par bands / musicians on their bills just to fill a night. Damn. What happened to requesting a demo from a band or at least looking for a few references. If the bars and clubs compensated quality musicians they would have a lot more patrons. The scene would thrive instead of just making money off sub-par acts. It's a shame when playing too many shows actually hurts a band. Fucking madness. I know a lot of people won't agree with this, but fuck them. They're wrong and I'm right. Stay fucking Legendary!!!

Some club owners are just dickholes.

So we played a wedding yesterday. Only did it cause they were close friends of ours and they are cool metal people. Anywho, we start to play and I am immediately told to watch my language on stage by the bartender. Um, boy did you just fuck up. So, the owner came out and scowled at us. Did not like that we were so heavy, seemed not to like the few covers we did, and did not seem to like the fact that we had a black bass player. So I started to really let it fly up there. As you can imagine, every other word out of my mouth was now "fuck". Changed words of songs just so I could say fuck more. During our last song the owner comes out and stops the song, tells us we are not welcome there, and to get out. Fine fuck you. The place just had people from the wedding party and two locals. After the two locals told us we played a great set. Kinda stupid to own a rock club and be a racist, closet born again, motherfucker.So if yer band has balls or people of different ethnic origins in it, DO NOT BOTHER WITH THE WINDJAMMER!!!!