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As we prepare for tonights show, we can't help but to pause and reflect on the inevitable transformation at hand. Far too long has sincerity and creativity been confined by the hands of those who wish to selfishly abuse the power of Music. In just a few hours we will pour out our souls to a crowd of people and lives will indeed be changed. Still finishing up their busy-ness of the day, they are completely unware that they are standing on the brink of having their unconscious musical desires satisfied. They are at the threshold of becoming Octaves..and its INEVITABLE!!!!


All Hail Octaves,the stage has been set! The down beat has been given! Our mission to rescue the planet from the unflinching clutches of dis-chord has officially begun! Close your eyes, open your ears,and listen to our music carefully. We are the messengers and we are the message. Travel with us through multiple genres as we sonically battle for the future. Continue to check out our blog for intriguing tales of the mere mundane to the utmost cerebral. You will soon come to find that our story is more than meets the eye. We implore you to stay tuned as we further expose you to what the world knows as jon.doe.