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Just about a week left...

The new songs sound great. I cannot wait to unveil these tour our millions upon millions of fans... or hundreds... whatever. Regardless, Crossroads its going to be a night to remember and if you are 21+ you best have a damned good excuse for not going. We promise we will rock harder, sing better, look handsomer, play longer, and get much sweatier than our last show!

Thanks everybody, see you at the show! -Bobby

My Dear Garden State...

I've returned to Delaware, but Bobby and I had an awesome day of rehearsals, you're really going to enjoy what we have in store for everyone! Even more so it was just rad as hell to hang with my best friend again back in my hometown. Music, 50\50, Deep Blue Sea, Piranha, Ghost Adventures, and I think some How I Met Your Mother in there as well, I know, we're awesome!

Sorry we forgot to make videos and stuff to share with all of you, we were just caught up hanging and making these songs so much more awesome. Stay tuned for more great stuff on the way and come out to our show on October 20th at The Crossroads!

Thanks for being awesome fans!



We had an awesome day writing and rehearsing. We finished two more songs and got decent headway on a third. It will be ready for the Oct. 20 show, I promise. It was such a good day. After going through our entire set we celebrated by going to see 50/50 (great movie, you should check it out). Now we are watching Deep Blue Sea, awesomeness ensues.

-Bobby & Tim


Tomorrow, I take my SATs for the last time. Thank god. And as soon as that is over Tim and I will be in the same room for the first time in like 2 months to physically play and write music together instead of working with the magic that is the interweb. I cannot even be to describe how excited I am to be playing and chilling with my best friend again, its been much much too long. We have a couple songs to really finish so that they are ready for the Oct. 23 show. It's gonna be great, if you're 21+ you owe it to yourself to be there, I promise you will not be disappointed. And if you are, I guess you only like listening to crappy music haha

Thanks guys. We're gonna try to post some videos during rehearsal tomorrow to give you a taste of what's to come!

Peace, love, Batman, -Bobby

New Shows, New Music, Same Awesome

We have officially booked a show at The Crossroads in Garwood for October 20. It's gonna be awesome. We go on at 8, sadly it is a 21+ show... But we are stoked nonetheless. (The day after we have a much shorter performance at my friend's church benefit, but more on that later).

The passed few weeks have been full of creativity and its great to be writing. We got stuck in a sort of song writing rut like a month ago and that sucked. But now we have awesome stuff coming and we cannot wait to debut it in October.

We will also finally be performing the songs we recorded over the summer, "Hate the Radio," "One More Minute" and "Right Thing to Do." After the show we will finally put those songs up for your listening pleasures and it'll be awesome.

So remember come see us October 20 at Crossroads! And keep checking back for some awesome updates! Hopefully next week we'll be able to post a couple videos for you guys.

Love you dudes and dudettes, -Bobby

Didja miss me?

Hey everybody,

I know it's been a while since we updated you guys with a lengthy blog, but hopefully you are all watching us be obnoxious on Facebook and Twitter (@backyardheroes, @bdizzyd, @swarheely). Over the passed few weeks we have had a few awesome things happen.

Tim was at Camp Happy Times a couple weeks ago which is a camp for children who have been diagnosed with cancer. He attended during his treatment and now returns as a counselor. It's a really awesome place run by the Valerie Fund. One morning, for the entire camp, our song "Survive" was played for everyone. It's really awesome to know all of these kids got to hear our music and get a taste of our message. The response was really great (any of you CHT people who want your copy of the song, it is just an email away!!)

We are also hard at work back in the writing/demoing stage and we have a few really great songs in the works that are sure you guys will love. Hopefully now that summer is over and our schedules return to being a bit less hectic we will be able to finally start playing the amount of shows we want to.

We love you guys, thanks so much for listening! We'll try to keep you posted on everything happening in our world as it develops!


A Celebration for the Next 24 Hours!

hey everybody!

in honor of hopefully hitting 1,000 song plays by this time tomorrow night based on how everything has been going the passed couple of days. we will upload a new song for celebration. but we can't give you guys EVERYTHING for free... so it will be a 1 week special! we hope you guys like the new song as much as you've enjoyed the passed few because it's also pretty different. we like to describe it as a song that could be played at the end of a Scrubs episode. sounds awesome, don't it? so keep listening till we hit 1,000 and then you get something brand new! thanks everybody!

thanks so much for sticking with us! whoever you guys are who have been listening to our music so much... you're the best!

-Bobby & Tim

Backyard Heroes Survives

We just released a new, never before heard song called "Survive". This is a very special song for us. As most of you know or have learned through some of our songs already, we've been best friends for hundreds of years, within those years, I was diagnosed with cancer. Bobby was much younger and it certainly affected who we were, who we are, and how we grew up. This was an interesting song to write. Bobby wrote the first verse, and I wrote the second. We sing to each other through the song and so for each verse we wrote from both points of view. We powered all our feelings and strength into this song and are so happy with how this song came out.

All through my experience with cancer, music was such a huge help for me. I always thought it'd be awesome to release songs that people in those situations could sit back and say, wow, this guy really knows what it's like. We've taken it a step further with our songs by having both view points so everyone, cancer or not can relate and hopefully it will help them in some way too, even if just a smile, or a bit of relief knowing they are not alone. Three of our released songs feature the cancer story, "My Old Stories," "Chetwood," and now, "Survive."

Because of me having cancer I've come to meet and develop amazing friendships with so many others like me. Recently a dear friend of mine was hit by cancer for the second time and is kicking it's butt all over again along with the best wishes and support from all their family and friends. We felt this was a good time to release this song knowing there are so many like them who are dealing with cancer and in need of that support to know that we're all in this together, no one is alone. This song is all about sticking by the people closest to you, keeping each other strong and helping each other survive. With love, support, and strength from both Bobby and I, we dedicate it to all those with cancer, and those who care about someone going through it. Stick by each other and we'll all survive this fight.

Cancer sucks. nuff said. Hope you all enjoy the song.

Thank you,


-Tim and Bobby Backyard Heroes

The Batcave Sessions

We have finished 6 songs in 4 days. We will be putting up a completed version of "Honorable Mention" tonight and we are so pumped with how everything has turned out. We have finished everything we wanted to do in this week we set off for recording ahead of schedule and its an awesome feeling. For the rest of the week we are going to work on a bunch of rough ideas we have floating around but you guys probably wont hear those for a while.

The creative juices are still going hard and so are we. And it's great. Our next step will be to begin playing shows as much as we can. Thank you to everybody has supported us through these first 5 months of Backyard Heroes. This whole thing just feels really good, and we're getting a lot of rad feedback. Including from Mitch Allan, singer/songwriter of SR-71 and currently Satellite. This whole thing is so crazy, thanks everybody!

-Bobby and Tim


We have been hard at working on new songs these passed 2 days and are so pumped with the progress we have made! Two songs are 100% done, a new version of "It's Time" (which we are releasing imminently) and "Hate the Radio." We are so stoked about both songs. Tomorrow we will put the finishing touches on "One More Minute" and begin "The Right Thing to Do." I know you guys have no idea what songs these are because they are brand new. But I figured giving you the names is the least we can do haha

Keep checking back throughout the week for new music and new updates!

-Bobby and Tim

P.S. Check out a bunch of in studio videos on our facebook page!