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a Backyard Heroes weekend

so Timothy is coming up to Jersey on Wednesday so we can get in some rehearsal time before our return to NYC at the Delancey on Thursday! (as if we need to rehearse)

Then Friday we head to Delaweezy for some recording! Two new songs and two of our favorites to play live! It should be pretty awesome.

And to close out our 6 day weekend! On monday we have our first ever radio appearance with Stupid Cancer! You can tune in live and later download it as a podcast on Itunes! All in all it should be a pretty sick weekend. And yes, you should be quite jealous.

Peace, love, penguins. -BdizzyD


soooooo we sort of got ripped off as the whole ticket sales thing was unclear and kind of bullshit... but it was a fun show and we should have some rad photos from our lovely friend Sarah relatively soon. she's real good at what she does and im pumped to see how it all turned out! thanks everybody for coming out!

we also did a bunch of writing this weekend to get ready for our recording session which will begin on the 27! im pumped. tims pumped. you should be pumped. check back for more news!

peace, love, penguins, B Dizzy D

Backyard Heroes strikes back at 10th Street Live!

Tonight I can pretty much say is the best show we have ever played. It was a shorter set than usual but we made up for it by just blasting out the energy the entire time. We have really come into our own as a band on the stage and in the spotlight. It was incredible. There were at least 100 people in the bar while we played and everybody seemed really into the show. It was great. Oh, and we were hilarious with our witty stage banter. "Nobody wants to play with us..." (you probably dont understand that now but just wait a couple of weeks for our highlight video, that's our new thing, can ya diggit?)

anyway. Thank you to everyone who came out for such a fantastic cause and great night. It was perfect.

Peace, love, penguins, Bobby

a weekend hard at work!

Sup playaaaaaaaaaaaaaaas!!!!!!

Our show at 10th St was so fun! Thanks again to the guys at Atlas Records for having us play on their bill! It was so fun and we had some great support!

Our set for the night went as follows! 1. It's Time (with Party Rock Anthem) 2. My Old Stories 3. Risky Business 4. What Comes Next 5. Take the Jump 6. Untitled Folky Song... 7. Untitled New Song... 8. Chetwood 9. Honorable Mention 10. Survive 11. Beat Me Black and Blue 12. Garden State, I Miss You

It was an awesome night and we live debuted two new songs for the first time! Yesterday we also did some work on another new song that was a lot of fun! Hopefully we will make some legit progress on that in the near future!

Tomorrow! We adventure into the city so we can meet with a foundation who is interested in our message and music! So hopefully that goes awesome!

Keep bein handome everbody, I know we will. Peace, love, penguins, Bobby

Tim writes a blog?

Hey everyone, yeah Bobby usually handles the blogs, but I'm still awake and decided to send one out.

First off, we sadly have to announce the cancellation of our first Delaware show. All is well, just ran into some scheduling conflicts we weren't able to dodge. If you were planning on going though, go out and support the other artists. We've never met them, but they sounded rad and it's a free show! Hopefully we'll schedule another show soon.

Having said that, we still have our show on April 7th at 10th Street Live in Kenilworth, NJ. So very excited for it. We love the people at 10th Street Live very much. We stopped in for an open mic night once and are now gracing everyone with a full set. So come on out and have fun with us.

Let's see... anything else? I think there's some news, but I don't know what I'm supposed to announce yet or not sooo... yeah. What I can say is that we surpassed and broke down the walls of 1,000 votes towards a spot on Warped Tour. Thank you so much to everyone for your support, it means the world to us. We're hoping to get on that acoustic stage for sure, but if we ended up at least meeting some rad new people and they enjoy our tunes as well... well then it was worth it.

So thank you again, and thank you for reading this rare edition to the blogosphere of Backyard Heroes. I now return you to your usual and very handsome, Bobby, for your future blog readings. I'll pop in again sometime!



hey der guy(s)

whattup everbody,

it's been a while since ive done one of these so i figured why not. my time in the Repertory Theater Production of Anything Goes is winding down to an end which means Tim and I are getting ready to take on the world again. we already have a few shows scheduled in the coming months and will absolutely be adding more. I also wrote a song today, it's pretty dark and i dont know if ill end up using it for this band. but the creativity is still flowing so that is awesome. we are very pumped to keep writing music and playing shows and be all around awesome! remember to vote for us to give us a chance to play Warped Tour http://warped.battleofthebands.com/u/BackyardHeroes

peace, love, penguins Bobby

awesome day!

Tim and I are together for the first time since our show at 10th Street and we have done some great writing and planning for the next few months! We got big things planned for Backyard Heroes and are absolutely pumped! I cannot wait to be able to make these final anouncements for all of you guys! we will be posting a basement performance video of one of our new songs later today so check back!

peace, love, penguins! Bobby

writing and getting shows!

Hey everybody! Long time no blog! (see what I did there?) Tim and I have been hard at work and recently finished writing/demoing 2 awesome songs. We will be getting together next weekend for a writing/rehearsal session next weekend which will also be full of awesomeness per usual with us!

And we have scheduled 2 shows for the beginning of April, but more on that later! So keep checking back! AND DONT FORGET TO DOWNLOAD YOUR FREE COPY OF BEAT ME BLACK AND BLUE TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAYYYYY FREE STUFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

peace love and penguins -bobby

10th Street was magical!

We had an awesome time showing up at the open mic night at 10th Street Live in Kenilworth, NJ. Our good friend Kevin runs the place and I must say it’s an awesome place. You should all check it out:


We got to see some awesome performers and hang with some really rad people, especially some great friends of ours, the guys from Socratic. It was so good to see them again. It was super gnarly to share our music with them as well.

A little history, I left film school to work with them and I never looked back. It was an amazing experience, developed great friendships, and I think we all did some sweet work together:

http://vimeo.com/3588841 - A Better Place Is Waiting

http://vimeo.com/3582727 - Blend In

http://vimeo.com/3588354 - A Christmas Coal Carol (my first project with them)

They are awesome guys and you should all check out Socratic if you haven’t yet. They just released a rad new album:


http://socratic.bandcamp.com/ - new album!

Throughout the night we saw a rad variety of artists. Two of which were members of The Ugly Club (http://www.facebook.com/theuglyclub), another awesome band. Lou Panico of Socratic also did a solo performance (he has the voice of a very handsome angel). Not to mention the fact that another performer actually proposed at the end of his set (she said yes!). So as you can tell, it’s quite an exciting time and we definitely plan to go back. Open mic is every Monday, so go out and support local artists, and who knows, you may catch us there again!

We performed four songs including the live premiere of Risky Business. From what I hear we have some video of our set, so as soon as any of it is up, we won’t be greedy, we’ll share!

So please, check out the venue, all the other artists, and hopefully you continue to check out and share our music as well!

Thanks for reading,

Peace, love, penguins, muppets, and tom hanks,


Backyard Heroes

P.S. this is Bobby adding this to reverb. Tim tried to outdo my sign off thing. what a dick. everybody boo Tim!


With great regret we will not be joining this weekend to create the awesomeness that is Backyard Heroes. SPFHS Battle of the Bands had to be canceled due to a lot of stuff out of our control. We tried to find another show to jump on last minute but that didnt work out either. Hopefully we can get some more shows scheduled as soon as possible for all of you lovely people to attend. We are open to suggestions of venues or if you just no anything about people needing a band you can message or email us.

Sorry again about the cancellation.

Peace, love & penguins -Bobby