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Bob's Java Jive Show Fan Review

"All three were solid bands! It's good to hear three rock bands in one night for a great price, I thought for sure I would hear the same thing all night, how fast, how loud, and how bad is our singer. Not the case at all, every band with original music, some real current rock and roll, Thanks to the bands WinterSeeker, Planet of Giants & Red Planet Rebels, and to John for the invite, very cool show. " ~Matthew M.

Local Fan review from Halloween @ Bison Creek

"That lead guitarist kicks ass! I sure wish they would have announced the band members names. It would be nice to know who they are, whoever he is he is amazing. The singer is a sexy tall drink of tequila, and thank goodness he didn't feel the need to scream into the mic. It's a microphone not a penis, keep it out of your mouth other vocal artists. The drummer looks like she should be playing with Barbies somewhere, until ya hear her and then you know she is right where she needs to be. And the bass player... um finally I can actually say "bass player" cuz many hold them not many have a clue what to do after that point, he was right on the money." - Chantal

2 Bit Saloon show was amazing

Thanks so much for the 2 Bit Saloon having us, and for all those involved in hooking us up with the show. We were super happy to come at such short notice to share the stage with Blame It On The Girl and Hills of Elysium. The show was amazing to play and amazing to watch! Can't wait to do it again! -P

Songs posted from Studio Seven Show

Edited the recordings from the Studio Seven 9-10-11 show. Thanks again to all our awesome fans that came out to see us! Checkout the new songs, more pictures coming, and be on the lookout for two new songs! -P