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Stay tuned!

Stay tuned folks you don't want to move folks!

It has been a long age since we posted on here. I beg for your forgiveness in this matter. It's been quite a year for us.

When we first started out, it was just two dudes and a laptop, if you would've told me a year from then that we'd be making a full length album and play two headlining shows, I'd call you overly ambitious. Yet, here we are with said shows under our belt and our album has been fully recorded. We're here to not only thank all of our gracious fans but to let you know on what's to come

The album is recorded but not ready to release yet. We need to go back in to get the mixing and editing stage part finished. Then we go to look for someone to master it. Once that happens, the task of packaging and mass producing. Once all that has been taken care of, it'll be ready for all of you to listen and you can bet that we'll release all that tasty shit on here.

After we have completed that, we will be having a CD release party and you can bet it's going to be one hell of a release! We already have a bunch of things planned for it and we might even have *inhales* T-SHIRTS!

So please fans, like always, keep your eyes and ears focused! You don't want to miss out on the next chapter of

The Creature From Jekyll Island!