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times, they are a changin...

so its me. Abby. I know I never do this but for some reason I am online right now, which I rarely am and have a couple minutes before I need to put my laundry in the dryer and I thought..its time to make change. To put myself out there in this cyber community...its 2008 and I am determined to let my buddies know (that would be you) whats going on in the world of Jen and Abby. Jen jumped on this wagon a while ago. She's what I call a 'computer geek with the right arm of a greek god.' yeah shes sensitive, and you all know that. Cause she blogs! So...heres what I have to report... Jen and Abby are nearing the completion of our first album (yes!) and this week took some amazing photos for our sites..(see I'm letting you in.) I (abby) was a bit nervous about the whole experience, road triping with Jen, making sure we looked freakin amazing and felt that way too. And you know what? I would say our mission was a HUGE success! I wore one of my moms old dresses from when she was in highschool, thats right an actual vintage dress, and I felt really pretty in it. Okay what else. The other day it took me 3 hours to get home from Santa Monica. I have been here for 4 years and I still get lost. But..I wrote a song while waiting on those red lights..so all was not lost! Well, good night friends...I feel really good about this....

Clothes, Photos, Videos, and more

Hello hello. It has been a very exciting week for j&a. We are making a lot of progress on the album. Wednesday Gaby Moreno came in to the studio to add her vocals to the song "Safe". It was so much fun to have her energy there and we are so grateful that she decided to do this song with us. Check her original stuff out at www.myspace.com/gabymoreno We are going to shoot our album photos this coming Monday (1-28-08). To prepare for this we have enlisted the help of a wonderful woman named Cassie. She is helping us with our wardrobe. Yesterday (1-24-08) we met up with her at the Beverly Center and did a little shopping. Abby and I have very different styles and Cassie is helping us to figure out how we can be ourselves but not so opposite. We have uploaded some new videos onto youtube. www.youtube.com/jenandabbymusic There is some live performances of "Lightweight" and "Safe" plus a tour of El Dorado Recording Studios which is where we are recording our album. This has been such a productive time for us and we appreciate all the support that you all have given us. If you are ever curious about what is happening with this whole process then please drop us an e-mail or comment...we LOVE talking about ourselves...; )

much love, --j&a