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Judge 1: Original song. Very nice! Tasty guitar work. On tempo with no mistakes. Harmonica an added plus and appropriate for the song\'s feel. Authentic sounding vocal with no fancy runs or frills. Rereshing! Well done! Judge 2: I loved the harmonica! Great touch. You\'re really good on that thing. Great strumming pattern. You made some complex strumming and picking look easy. Well done Barrie! Judge 3: I love your vocal tone. Great original song. Love the harmonica. Beautiful guitar playing. Very unique performance! Judge 4: Very, very talented; I really enjoyed the song and overall performance.

Judge 1: Another original. Double nice! The gravel in your voice fits your songs very well. As does your style of guitar picking. Consistent tempo. Judge 2: I loved it Barrie. You\'re a cocky dude, and it plays well in your music. I enjoy your raspy voice. Judge 3: Great eye contact with the audience. I know your playing the guitar, but I would like to see a bit more body movement. Very unique. Judge 4: I really enjoy his tone of voice and performances are great.

Gurlz Talk Rawk Radio 8/24/16 @5pm


Akademia on "You Never Saw Me Love"

First, we would like to congratulate you. We have been informed that your song ‘You Never Saw Me Love’ has received a strong listener response in its first month of rotation on five stations. This response has come in the form of heavy listener requests and tune-ins. This is great news and a strong indication that you’ve got a potential hit on your hands. Please click here to view your spin report summarizing the first month of airplay: http://www.TheAkademia.com/spinreports/BarrieDempsey-YouNeverSawMeLove-8A1A.html The Akademia Team

Feb. 2016 Spin Report "Chase Me Down"

TOTAL SPINS FOR FEBRUARY 2016 - 13737 February 1, 2016 - February 29, 2016 Barrie Dempsey Chase Me Down 13737 Heavy Rotation Level of rotation is determined by the program director at each station and is based upon a combination of song quality and listener response. Each station also records and tracks listener requests and corresponding chart activity for all songs. You may receive a separate report summarizing peak chart activity for your song.

Berkshire Media Group and other radio station networks use proprietary spin tracking systems whose data forms the basis for this consolidated report. Report data are made available only to current artists or by special request. Please note that spin data may or may not be simultaneously tracked by other similar reporting agencies, such as Digital Radio Tracker, Nielsen, Mediabase and others. The Akademia is not responsible for the accuracy of data culled by these other agencies which each use their own propietary spin tracking system.

Miami Radio WMIC

‎WMIC Radio- Miami‎ to Barrie Dempsey January 24 at 2:17am · Sounds great! 'Chase Me Down' has good radio potential. Sandra www.wmic-radio.com WMIC Radio- Miami's photo.

"Chase Me Down" Radio Spin Report December 2015

Dear Barrie Dempsey,

First, we would like to apologize for the slight delay in delivering your latest spin report. Quite frankly, this was due to the unusually large volume of spin data received for your song ‘Chase Me Down’ from the past month! It appears that your song continued to receive an exceptional listener response on stations across the globe. This is excellent news! Please click here to view your latest spin report, which now reflects an impressive level of monthly spins: http://www.TheAkademia.com/spinreports/BarrieDempsey-ChaseMeDown-1B8B.html

Radio Spin Report November 2015

We recently had the opportunity to meet with program directors from the Star100 FM Radio Network. To be brief, they loved your song and have agreed to place ‘Chase Me Down’ in heavy rotation on the following five stations in their network, effective November 1st: Akademia

WSTR Portland Oregon www.star100radio.com/portland

WSTX Santiago, Chile www.star100radio.com/santiago

KSTR Taipei, Taiwan www.star100radio.com/taipei

WJST Johannesburg, South Africa www.star100radio.com/johannesburg

WSTN Lagos, Nigeria www.star100radio.com/lagos

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Power FM Radio Network results for September 2015

Dear Barrie Dempsey,

Nearly everyone likes surprises and that includes us. Yesterday, we received a big one. Quite unexpectedly, Power FM Global Radio Network recently collated the monthly chart data from the past few months and forwarded the results to us.

We are pleased to inform you that your song ‘Chase Me Down’ hit the #1 position on the charts and held that position for an impressive period of time in the month of September 2015! Chart position was established by number of spins, listener requests and station tune-ins. This accomplishment is a tribute to your talent, hard work and perseverance. We are certain that this is only the beginning of your success.

Cape May Trip Feb. 2014

MQ Murphy KCFA 101.5 in Cape May; "Our sincere thanks to Barrie Dempsey and Shannon Dempsey for stopping in to share some songs with us today! Check out Barrie's music on Reverbnation.com and Facebook."

Listener comments; "Nice sound by your guests Mike!"

"If you keep singing these great songs, Barry, how'm I gonna get these quizzes marked?"

"Sounds absolutely wonderful on my end!"