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New Surroundings

I'm finally where I need to be and all at once it's exciting, intimidating, scary, and fun! But in the end I love where I'm at and I'm loving where it's taking me! I thank God for everything he has given me, from the little to the bigger things in life to the things I have yet to see as well. Life is a lesson that we all learn from and I am learning everyday becoming more and more wiser. Now in Atlanta, my music can blossom here and give a fresh outlook to those who have been a fan and to the new ones coming in! I love you all and I really thank everyone for there support of my music! This is something that I would have never thought of really, and it's becoming more and more surreal to me each day! Thank you!

How do you handle it?

It's crazy how certain lfe situations can lead to a great song written. It's like that saying, " when life gives you lemons, make lemonade"! Eventhough we all may go through some things in life, it's how we handle those things in life. Through music we tend to find that outlet to release those emotions and feelings. Well, how do you deal with your emotions?

K.I.M (keep it moving)

Keeping it together in this music business is much harder than what people think. I mean, just trying to be polite to those who smile in your face and talk behind your back, that by itself can drive a sane person up the wall. In this business you have to have "Thick Skin"..I mean it better be Ford Tough too!..lol Then through it all, you have to remain focused all the while when you have all of these darts and obstacles thrown in your way. Keeping your eye on the prize! Thank you God for not letting me give up!

Quit..I think NOT!!!

My mind goes on for days even when I sleep. So why should I rest while I'm living. We only rest when the man upstairs calls us home! I'm blessed, thankful, humble, and enjoying life to the fullest I can! So should you!

Love Yourself

So how about I finally got the chance to spend time with my mom! I really enjoy the time spent with her because I rarely get to. But when you have family that loves you, don't wait around and keep putting it off as if they will be there forever. You never know when the lord might call them home! So take advantage of what time you can have with your family and enjoy it to the fullest. So when the time comes for them to pass over, don't cry for them being gone. Smile because of all the good times you all shared together as a family or as a friend. You never know when your last day will be here on this earth. Love yourself as well as others!!!

The B-Day

Well today has been an interesting day. I really didn't get a chance to go anywhere for my birthday but hey, it's cool! I'm really thankful that I was able to live to see another day on this earth. This is when my new year officially begins. I wasn't born on the first of January so I can say it is the beginning of "A" year but not "MY" year. I have really enjoyed all of the birthday wishes and all but for some reason a person will always have that void in them that you cannot place your hand on. It's like I have something missing and it won't reveal itself to me...smh Oh yeah!!!! OMG!! I have to share this with you all. Last night while I was asleep I had some friends over and they were all chilling and talking in the front room as I slept. So I heard a knock at my door that woke me up out of a dead sleep and a female came beside my bed telling me something and me being half sleep answered back saying.."ok, I will take care of it." Now I seen this shadow of a female walk out of my door and close my door. I then went back to sleep. When I woke back up I asked everyone who came and asked me a question and everyone said no one has even been back to my room. So just to let you know for future reference people..be careful of how you speak to people, because you never know who you may be speaking to. God is always testing our faith..

random struggle

So today is not the best of days but yet we all have our own inner struggles. It's up to the individual to learn from that struggle. When I look around and see what kind of struggles each individual has, it makes me thankful that mines are as not as difficult or as great as others. I guess just being put in certain situations can put a person on the brink of the sink or swim metaphor. The only difference is, if you want something bad enough and you have enough faith..Your (higher being) will give you what you want and/or need. You just have to believe in yourself first. Now I'm not saying go out and commit something evil or bad, I'm mainly speaking for the good in all of us and what power we have when put to the right use. So stop mentally struggling and put your mind in a better mind state. I bet your physical world around you will change as well as your mind does...

A New Venture

In the middle of everything I have going on in my personal life, it's kind of hard to balance out your professional life as well. Keeping a well maintained mind, body and soul is harder that what it seems! I have so many things to look forward to in the near future but it just seems so far away at times. I'm just trying to find a way to keep myself on a balanced track. Any suggestions???