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August has 5 Thursdays!

Ok in spite of the fact that I had some major technical difficulties the “Live Web Cast ‘has been a blast. So many props to my friends and fans for letting me grow into this process. Yeah the whole “five Thursdays” took me for a loop but I think I stuck the landing. I have been venturing out into the world of “busking” both in the real world and digital. This is when you set up shop on a street corner or park and sing your song…..that is it in a nutshell. How is this different from pan handling? Very simple, you can have a sign that would suggest a donation for your art. A “Quid pro Quo” for all you legal eagles out there. It has been amazing to get out and ‘stand your ground” for your art. Every first Saturday of the month Columbus, OH has The Short North gallery Hop. I have been scratching out my “busking” itch for the past few hops. I am excited for the October hop---I am going to get an “electric” spot---yeah pretty cool. You ask about the digital world? I have become a fan of “YouNow.com”. The simplest way to describe it is as a 24/7 Open Mic. You get in the queue, you play your songs and people vote on whether or not you get any more time to play your next tune. Be warned the crowds vary from musicians to high school students, and they don’t pull punches. But it can be a blast and for the fans that have liked me from “Younow.com” welcome aboard. Midpoint Music festival is fast approaching and I am so excited that we get to play at Arnold Bar and Grill (210 E. Eighth Street Cincinnati, OH) Friday September 28th at 8:15pm. We kick off the night with a host of major talent from: Cincinnati, OH. Nashville, TN., Ashville, NC and Pittsburgh, PA. This is the line Up for the Night------get all the details for MPMF.COM • 12:15 am Woody Pines • 11:15 pm Dawn Hiatt • 10:15 pm The Vespers • 9:15 pm The Crick Gypsies • 8:15 pm Carole Walker Peace- Carole

MDMF2012 / Monthly "Live Web Cast"

Great News I will be playing MDMF2012. This will be my 2nd year as The Carole Walker Band and we are so very honored to be a part of this Festival. More details will come. I want to thank everyone who logged into my first "Live Webcast" what a nice way to reach out to people that don't care for the late night bar scene (trust me,I fall in that crowd) but we get to talk and what better place to hang out than in my basement and you on your couch. So much fun I'm going to keep hosting my "Live Webcast" every 4th Thursday of the month. This is getting to be pretty fun. much love Carole

June is moving just to fast!!

First let me give a big "Shout Out" to Java Central and Brothers Drake Meadery. Java Central has an awesome open mic on Friday Nights and Ralph was super cool to get me on the list 2 Fridays in a row. Had some great "Mango Iced Tea" played some tunes and listened to some amazing musicians. Brothers Drake Meadery is my favorite new place. Home-Made Mead, locally supported ingredients, very cool owners that love original music. Thank you Sarah!

Join me for my first "Web Cast" on Thursday 6/28/2012 @ 8:30pm just go to: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/carole-walker-music we can "live Chat" talk about tunes,

Congratulations to Mike Cobb (Bass Player) for just completing the first part of his tour with Rock-n-Roll hall of Famer Boosty Collins"

This organization is very close to my heart so please read and support:

Please VOTE for GOGIRLSMUSIC for a $250,000 Small Business Grant from Chase & LivingSocial. After clicking “Support” on the home page, look for GOGIRLSMUSIC and vote for us. We appreciate your help & support! With you, we can change the music world. Please share. http://missionsmallbusiness.com/

Very excited about the many new things that are going on and I hope to see you at the shows (or online) Much Love Carole Walker

Carole Walker in Bonnaroo Road Roo competition and we need YOU to help.

Hi there,

We have some exciting news! Carole Walker is participating in the Bonnaroo Road to Roo competition and we need YOU to help.

We’ve got the chance to play Bonnaroo 2012, but we have to get into the top 10 most voted bands out of the competition. That’s why we need you to help us out! Here’s what you can do:

1) Go to our band page 2) Click “Vote” and follow the prompts to verify your vote 3) Tell everyone you know!

You will also have the opportunity to enter to win Bonnaroo passes when you vote and download some music while you’re at it. Pretty sweet.

Thank you so much for your support!

Love, Carole Walker

Tonight at The College Hill Coffee Company and More...

Cant wait to get back to the Coffee House and celebrate my own brand of March Madness. Thank you Stanley's for having me as your "artist of the Month"-and all of my old and new friends who came out.Thanks Andy/Mike for helping me on soundhank you Lucky Spaulding, Andyman Hopkins, Crick Gypsies and The Stories for sharing the stage those beautiful Wednesday nights Holly Spears for having me on your CD Release Party and Andyman again for having me at Kobo,(Columbus, OH)---cant wait till April! I hope to see tonight but if not--see you soon --Carole, Cobb and Verb!!

Happy Thanksgiving

Dear Friends- I just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. I am so grateful for the friends and family that have blessed my life. When I try to count the many things that I’m truly grateful for I begin realize that they are not things at all. The boys (Mike Cobb/Chris Verbanic) and I would like to thank all of those who have come out to the shows, shared the photos/videos/etc… and given their support weather it is with shouts or with silent prayers as we move into this new musical chapter.

Special thanks to but not limited to: Citybeat, Magazine, Cincygroove, Midpoint Music Festival, Stanley’s, College Hill Coffee House, Friends for Chris Walker and all of the amazing musicians we had the opportunity to share the stage with and meet this year


Friday 10/7 @ Stanleys Pub

Thank you all for coming out to Stanley’s last night! Very beautiful night for some drinks and jams. Had A chance to share the stage with Andyman Hopkins on electric guitar, Mike Cobb on bass and Adam Cummins on percussion. I must say we were very groovy on stage and offstage, Mamma Spoons (Andy’s mom) took part in the night. A good time was had by all. Was a little bummed out that I had to pack up my gear and the nights mascot (my dog” Catalina”) and head back for Columbus, Oh to be at work at 8:30 A.M……..I know painful but a girl has got to eat. So let’s keep this train rolling by coming out to some more shows and spreading the word---still working on the CD “bloom” and more good stuff will be on the web soon.

See ya soon , Carole

Pictures from the night courtesy of Scott Preston and Cincygroove.com http://www.cariboustudios.com/gallery2/main.php?g2_itemId=64577


Mid point Music Festival—Day 1

Well I’m finally coming down from my Midpoint Music Festival “high”--- had such a great time – 1st (Thursday9/22/)was the singer songwriter Stage at the Midway hosted by Tracy Walker an amazing singer songwriter from the Cincinnati area (no relation). This was the first year the CAC Stage was out in the open (previous years was at Neon’s) and brand new this year was” Midpoint Midway”. The street was closed off (12th street blocked off between Vine and Walnut) and it gave it more of a festival feel--- I loved it, how better to celebrate the last day of summer than with a draft beer, fried food ands good music. The songwriter in the round gives you the opportunity to share your songs and stage with other Mid-point artist. Think of it as an “unplugged” stage but nothings really unplugged. I had my set with Jeff Printy (Bell Ruse) and Mark Utley (Magnolia Mountain). .Beautiful songs were sung and hit all genres in a span of our round. Mark Utley sang a song that just brought me to tears. The classic them of love that just wont go away even though the person has moved on, I think it was called” do you still think of me” (sorry if I have that wrong), all I know is that I begged him to record the song and offered my vocals in any way….I know pretty embarrassing, but it was a beautiful song and my pride is not above me being a part of a beautiful song. After the set I spent a little too much time at the beer booth but I did get a chance to check out Yawn, Josh Eagle and the Harvest City and ended the night catching the Jessica Lea Mayfield set. My favorite part of the night had to be the Josh Eagle Harvest City set, yes that‘s just me loving on the locals and I enjoyed everyone’s set that night. But this put me over the top. During the last song of the night a young man was called to the stage to join the band. I just assumed he was going to sing or do a spoken word piece. When he dedicated the poem to his girl, it was easy to see that he was getting ready to ask the big question. She said “yes”. It can’t get any better that that.