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New Album Pre-order Sale!

Hello, friendsters! It's been a while, because I've been hiding out in my woman cave making lots of music. I am excited to announce the pre-orders for my new album start Monday, May 15th, and my album, NEW DAY, will drop Fri. June 30th.

Why are pre-orders important? All pre-sales will be credited on the official release date, so the more pre-sale purchases you get, the higher your sales ranking on the day of the official release. It is incredibly difficult to get noticed in the music world, so this is a great way to make a splash and to help move the album to the top of the charts on itunes, billboard, etc.

When you pre-order the album, you will get an immediate download of the power-pop ditty "Number One" which features the incredible Fernando Perdomo on guitar, backing vocals, and drums, and Ben Eisen on bass. So if you are in the mood for some uplifting pop, make your way over to bandcamp, where you can get a SPECIAL PRE-ORDER SALE of $8 for the album!!!

By the way, CDs are being made currently. If you would like a cd instead of digital, please manually change the the price to $13. CDs will be shipped before the release date (as soon as they are pressed), and will be personally autographed.

Click here for the pre-order sale:


Thank you all so much!



Rockin' The Suburbs

I'll be rockin' the suburbs tomorrow (Sat) June 27th at Macy's in Northridge: https://www.reverbnation.com/show/16399956?utm_campaign=HTML5_ShowSchedule_Widget_Details&utm_content=show_details_link&utm_medium=widget

Final Days of Kickstarter

We are in our final days of kickstarter for the music video for "Heartbeat On The Radio". If you can pledge a little, comment, share, it would help immensely! Take a look! Thank you :-) Shannon https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/shannonhurley/heartbeat-on-the-radio-music-video

New Song

Heartbeat On The Radio Hello guys and dolls! I have a new song for you to feast your ears upon. It's called "Heartbeat On The Radio" and was inspired by an episode of my husband Ben Eisen's All Time Top Ten podcast, Songs About Radio (ep. #143). I made a decision not to use any crowdfunding platform to make my new album, which will be called "Switch It On", so I hope you will consider buying my music through BandCamp, CD Baby, iTunes, or Amazon to support my efforts. I've got more songs I will release as I go (I've released TWO so far), and perhaps I will start a pre-order soon. You can also click below if you wish to donate any amount. PayPal - The safer, easier way to pay online! I'll let you know when the next song drops, so keep your mittens on and your eyes peeled (whatever that means). See you next time on the Shannon Hurley Newsletter! Peace out. Shannon :) www.shannonhurley.com

Hello :)

Hello :) I just wanted to let you know that my music is being played periodically on "American Idol". Listen close and you might hear some familiar songs! As always, the easiest places to find my music is http://www.cdbaby.com/artist/shannonhurley and http://www.shannonhurley.bandcamp.com Thanks and have an awesome week. xo Shannon

Alex MORPH & Shannon Hurley-Monday Morning Madness

"Prime Mover", Alex MORPH's widely anticipated album on Armada, is out today! Here is my track with him called "Monday Morning Madness". I hope you enjoy :-) http://www.beatport.com/track/monday-morning-madness-feat-shannon-hurley-original-mix/3602306?utm_campaign=bp_share&utm_source=bp_share_facebook&utm_content=bp_share_&utm_medium=bp_share__

Beatles on Ukelele-"I'll Follow the Sun"

Here's a fun little cover I did with Roger Greenawalt for his lovely Beatles on Ukelele project-"I'll Follow the Sun". I hope you enjoy :) http://beatlescompleteonukulele.com/

"Slow Down" Music Video

Here is my new music video for "Slow Down"- a postcard to all my fans :) http://youtu.be/ZWRviQBj-J4 via @youtube

Holy Moly!

Holy moly. Last week I sent in a big heap of "California" cds to be sold on CD Baby and they are almost out already. I'm going to the post office today to drop off another dump-truck full :) http://www.shannonhurley.com/


Whoah! I'm back on Queen Sarah's chart. Help keep me at the top by voting for me to play the Lilith Fair. If you "favorite" me I'll come up more often in the head-to-head battles. http://tinyurl.com/32bqwbr