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More podplay!

Getting picked up by lots of podcasts all over the world!

"Is this thing on" and "Indie Feed" both out of the UK have played several selections from my CD "Water" - how cool is that!?!?

Thanks guys!!

Back in the studio tonight to record...

Featured artist on Michael Angels Cosmic Grab Bag Show

That's tonight on the Michael Angel Cosmic Grab Bag podcast!! I'll be the featured artist and they will be playing several selections from the album "Water".

Tune in tonight and check it out - I know I will be!!

Something new I guess!

After the demise of my solo project band Living For Lisa I'm putting my solo release stuff up here to get me some exposure and possibly some new fans. Really burnt out on the whole band thing - no good musicians in this area that aren't already in a band so I pretty much give up! Enjoy my songs - and if you believe in the Easter Bunny and Santa Clause you might also believe you'll hear me play live someday! Thanks for listening!