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I'm still here blog #4

"A Place to Pace" is the name of the album. Recorded a few years ago, in one night, with one mic, in a haunted room on Forsythe Avenue. These three poems are by the great Chicago poet and my cousin Steve Skovensky... with background music by me and Hal Hixson. Enjoy. -Matt

I'm still here blog #3

The Tecate was flowing like wine! It was ten or so years ago today when three dudes in Alexandria, VA spent a couple nights laying down some tracks... down by the tracks. A microphone balanced on top of a coffee can while we stumbled our way through unrehearsed songs. "Teacup for ashtray" and "Big train shook the tracks" are two children of the collaboration between Matt Thompson, IndyGoKid and Jothum C. Thanks Dave... I'll always remember those times fondly. -Matt

I'm still here blog #2

Hi Friends. Just posted four live songs recorded 2.22.11 at The Treehouse in Columbus, OH. I was lucky to be joined by Hal Hixson (bass, lap steel) and Nate Gelinas (mandolin, electric guitar) from the amazing "Old Hundred"... one of my favorite bands. Later that night they performed the album "Time (The Revelator)" by Gillian Welch in it's entirety.... start to finish, or Revelator to I Dream a Highway. The billiards in the background are a nice touch.

Thanks, Matt

I'm still here blog #1

Hey everybody, So I posted a few gambling songs from an unreleased recording I was working on a few years back... more of these to come later. Also, you might notice some Matt Thompson standards from my two records released on Wide-Eyed-Records titled "No Death Rattle" and "The getting Through". Little black shadow and Before I go are included on a Wide-Eyed compilation CD and Military Funeral, Enough said, and Tornado of flowers are from my Original recordings from back in the year 2000.... the year 2000. I'll be putting up some live tunes next...recorded at The Treehouse in Columbus on Feb. 22, 2011 with members (Hal and Nate) from the great "Old Hundred" sitting in. Later, Matt