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The Shit

The musical atmosphere surely has changed significantly in the last 15 years here in Autin, TX. Fstivals such as SXSW and ACL along with a few visionaries and thousands of dedicated artists and music lovers have steadily built a town that boasts a amazing variety and high quality of musicianship.

In the international music scene of this vibrant town the change is palpable. While some fans assure me that throughout the 80's and 90's Austin had some great venues and awesome road shows of World Music acts, one can say that now the town has created its own vibrant international music scene, and the most exciting thing about it is that there are many bands who are not 'purists' in the sense of playing a specific style of world music and trying to keep it true to that traditional sound.

While I admire, enjoy and give great credit for musicians who are working in order to keep a specific musical tradition alive and relevant, it is clear to me that the future of music, all music, from American hip-hop, rap and trash metal to the gamelan music of South Asia, fusion, experimentation and the syncretism of unique, original ideas are the elements that will be able to propel the 'roots' music of yesterday into the forefront of the 21st century scene.

Whether it be a singer from Nigeria, a guitarist from Cambodia, a drummer from Venezuela, etc... it will be no longer a matter of 'where' you are from, or 'what kind of music do you play' but simply: Does this music move me? Is it 'the shit' (thanks Mile Davis!) or not? ... so instead of me trying to explain the myriad of influences that each musician from 'Os Alquimistas' brings to the table, I'll simply be able to say "It's the shit. Come check it out!"

Talking about 'the shit', if you live in Austin, TX, tonight you should come to the Ghost Room around 8:30pm... we made it easy on you... you won't have to go anywhere else for 'the shit', bcause RAS Hip Hop, La Guerrilla, Os Alquimistas and Seu Jacinto got plenty of it to go around tonight... it'll be ringing in your soul for a while too!

yours truly,

Frederico Geib Os Alquimistas atx


we are preparing for a great show on the 8th. We want to get down very funky, so get ready.