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Music will be here!

but I will not!

when Facebook likes are the most important thing to so called songwriters i have to step away..

stop asking me to share likes



this site is I have tried to be supportive to all i have contacted fanned! do the math I am done with this !


My new song is now live on iTunes https://itunes.apple.com/ca/album/believe-single/id1143231279

These Times

Fear is a learned behavior beg forgiveness from your savoir Burn the world in a Fit of arson Fallon is now are Carson Television is a learning tool Media manipulates the World Brand new threat We cannot Measure Kills in Times of Peace

by JC Porter

Mother Earth

There's A Shadow tonight in the Valley!!!



Like my Facebook page really!!

how about listen to the music? is that not what this is about !! i don't care how many Facebook likes I have or you have... don't ask me to LIKE your Facebook page....



Wow !! Some very good artists on here in all genres Rock! Metal! blues! Singer Songwriter ! Lets just select one!!!!!