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Puppet Theatre LIVE recording

on Thursday 25th October at about 6pm we arrived at the Puppet Theatre in Norwich to make a live recording, there was me, Jason Powell (sound engineer) Paul Bullen (Keyboard) Cara Winter (BVs) and a couple of others... you know the sort, photographer, tea maker :) amazingly we managed to record 5 songs, yes 5 whole songs in not much more than 3 hours, now whether they are any good... only time will tell. The EP will be part of an artists book which will be released late April next year, if you are bored stiff so far with this particular blog never mind I will post more boring blog updates soon.

Winner Oldie Composers Competition 2012

yesterday, July 25th 2012, I found out I had won, blimey it is truly amazing, up until this competition I had never entered any competition apart from singing Three Wheels On My Wagon at a caravan site in Jaywick at about the age of 7 or 8, mind you I did win that to... I do not know what inspired me to enter this one, it maybe because I saw it was in aid of Barnardos and the line up of Radio 2 judges, Sir Terry Wogan, Ken Bruce, Bob Harris, Johnnie Walker, Malcolm Prince... seemed pretty impressive to say the least. Over 250 songs were entered, they were whittled down by competition judges to Top50, then the public voted and brought the number down again to a Top21, then Radio 2 judges came into play and from Top21 they selected a Top4 of which Cry was one, then ensued 6 weeks of me hasseling cajoling, persuading, begging, even entering a public audition for BBCs The Voice in my efforts to get people to download Cry because the song with the most downloads would win, that turned out to be Me! of course my song was helped immensely by contributions from brilliant lead vocalist Anthony Head, who immersed himself into the competition and really helped to increase downloads. But as we all know competitions cannot be won without the support of people around you so... that was YOU!! thanks for helping me win, it has been an experience I will NEVER forget and I need to also thank Hellen Bach and Norman Macintosh for making my dreams come true... Cry was played on national TV and national radio so many boxes ticked for me... so so HAPPY! the song can still be downloaded from iTunes with proceeds to Barnardos so if you have not got it yet get it now :)

John Bath
John Bath  (over 4 years ago)

so very pleased for you and so very deserved

I am a bore... but at least I know it

Oldie Composers yep I am still talking about it :) Competition closes July 25th plenty of time for me to go on and on and on... So... the top4 songs became available on June 11th it has been a very exciting journey and to hear my song completed was a thrill to say the least, since then I have done nothing but talk about it! doing my best to get friends, family, friends of friends, friends of family, followers on twitter & 'likes' on Facebook etc, to download the song, I know I have become a bore... oh... wait a minute I already was, so no change there then :) The highlight so far 'Anthony Head' singing 'Cry' Live on national tv (video on here, take a look) when I saw it I cried, it was emotional for me to see it, so had to watch it again on ITV + 1 this time with my eyes open, cannot tell you how happy it made me feel :) big cheesy grin. This ride is fun and I am going to enjoy it while it lasts... who knows I may even win in the end, now that truly would be the icing on top of the cherry that sits on some icing on top of the cake... dreams do come true, don't they?


waiting waiting waiting... to hear the final recording of the song I entered in to the oldie composers song writing competition, Anthony Head (Merlin and Buffy actor) will be singing my song, I have heard little snippets of it and it sounds pretty good! The songs will be launched at the BBC Club in London and Sir Terry Wogan will be there to launch them... wonder if I will get a picture with him? maybe I should give him a cd... or maybe not, he must get people giving him loads! he will say "OH NO she is giving me a cd..." nope I won't do that. I am going to need all of you to download the song 'Cry' when its available and then persuade someone you know they want to download to... is that likely? questions: Who will win? Will it be me? Will it be someone else? Is the world round? Do you like looking at the stars as much as I do? Will Barnardos make enough money from downloads?

So What is Folk Music?

Simple question? dunno you tell me, is there actually an official definition for Folk Music? Is it to do with social commentary? If so what sort of social comments? Can it be about life, death, love, loss, war, work, peace, people, events? Does it have to be songs about people that died 100s of years ago or songs sung written by people that died 100s of years ago? Is mention of the sea and shanties compulsory? Or can Folk music be about absolutely anything someone wants to tell a story about? Actually does it have to have a story? So... who decides? Isn’t Folk music just a means to entertain people and one persons musical gold is another persons, must put fingers in the ears moment :) Can any one person decide what the definition is? maybe there was a definition once and now it has changed? who knows? Is it right to dismiss a singer/songwriters social commentary of his/hers/others life experience as navel gazing? can so called folkies be open to the possibility of something new, a new type of social commentary... actually why should they be open to it if they don't want to? so long as they don't mind others opening up to the possibilites of a new definition, oops wait a minute I have jumped the gun, I have not as yet found out the definition of Folk Music! Do you know? or maybe you know someone who does...

Raymie S
Raymie S  (over 5 years ago)

Good question, folk music when no one agrees on what folk music is ....scratching my brain on this !
The question surfaces with the regularity of a whale after diving to various depths.... It never gets answered, but whenever it comes up there are new people who have never considered it before. Acoustic music - played on "traditional" instruments,narrative songs.
Folk music/songs are simply structured, both musically and verbally. It is their naivete that gives them their charm. I'll take some more Marina Flo songs and massage my ears please ;)

Bluewing  (over 5 years ago)

Categories are a marketing tool. Music is music, you either like it or you do not.

Marina Florance
Marina Florance  (over 5 years ago)

thanks for replies, both very very valid points, probably I should stop asking questions and get on with playing music :)

Supajam Feis 22nd May

Somehow got selected for this 1st heat, left Norfolk 10.45am had to be in London at Powers Bar, Kilburn at 2.45pm, going round the North Circular was not a good idea, especially as Spurs were playing Birmingham at home! and with just 7 miles to go we came to a standstill, we were an hour late, I am never late! but then I had never been in a singing competition b4... So this is how it went, did soundcheck, it went well, went on 2nd in evening it went very well, lent my guitar strap to 'Fian' they went on to win, watched all other bands then left, we got chips with plenty of salt and vinegar, got home by 12.50am.

why I like twitter

twitter is the best social network of all of them, more often than not people actually tweet with you, and the constant stream of news available, I love it, okay you do have filter out some of the rubbish but it is so up to the minute it is worth it, get a twitter account then you can tweet with me :)