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Writing New Music daily!

Hey Folks, I just put out the E.P. White Trash S.O.B. just to put another taste out there.A different side of me, it's mostly very raw and there are a couple songs that are on electric guitar, which is strange for me with this project! My last full length was 2010 Titled Fifty Acres of Pain. You can find this one @ http:www.cdbaby.com/cd/christopherscum This was produced and musically accompanied by the Esteemed Carl Snow. There are other surprised guest Vocalist and Backing Vocalist on it. Right now I'm working on a release called TRACKS. I have about half the songs written but not perfected as I write faster than I work. Thanks to everyone for listening and please keep it up. Listen to a few of my songs many are off the fifty Acres album, which I'm extremely happy with! Thanks for coming around and please listen to some music and see what you think!