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Don't be your own tare..

Every living soul has a purpose and amongst the living souls are tares with no purpose except to choke the living souls while they grow amongst each other. Is the company you keep choking the purpose out of you? Are your relationships killing your true light? Or are you giving up because no body understands nor believe in what you are doing? Well, I empower you today to do whatever you are doing for yourself first, not for anybody else. Do it as an answer to a call, a call you were born with. Do it for yourself so you will tell God you did it, with the given opportunity. Just do it and know that God is readily available to help you where you cant. Remember everything God places in your heart is not only for your benefit, but for others, so if you dont do your part, know that someone else will, for God's word is true. If He gave His word that He was gonna do something, imagine if He elected you to do it, and this was to benefit others, what do you think He will do if you dont move like you want to do it? Wait for you to make up your mind? Well, allow me to disappoint you, He will take it from you and give to someone else that will trust Him to be there to support all the way thru. And you might be your own tare after all.. Be still and know that He is God. He conspires in your favor to make sure you have all it needs to get what He asked you to do done.. In all you do, know that God is right there saying "If he only trusts me and do what I have placed in his heart to do"..

Be all you can be for God, even when you dont wanna do it for yourself..

God is talking to you, are you listening?

I am a living proof that when God quietly tells you to do something, you should listen when He speaks, because when He shouts, it's very earthquake-like and it will uproot you from your comfort zone, shaking some sense into your life. The beautiful thing is, while amidst the life-quake, He'll always give you a safe house, but you gotta find it, with very limited physical clues, and abundance of Wisdom and Understanding as your spiritual guidance. You wont find the safe house in a friend, family, spouse/lover, job, community, not even in church, but within you, because in the safe house, He dwells with you. In the safe house, He traded His COMFORT for your pain, His MERCY for your justice, His COURAGE for your fear, His LOVE for your hate, His LIGHT for your darkness, His BODY for your hunger, His BLOOD for your thirst, AND HE DIED SO YOU MAY LIVE.... God has been trying to talk to me for the longest, but I kept procrastinating, until He literally shouted some sense into me. It's been a ride, a very beautiful Long ride. Come "Take A Ride On This RailRoads To Yesterday", you will be blessed you did, and if I'm allowed, I will share with you what He Told Me... ...AaronJoe

RailRoads To Yesterday

In life, we all have that moment, that place, that thing, and/or that person we wronged. We cannot undo the past, thats a given, but we can be responsible for the #Past, by so doing, we'll close and tighten up all loose ends in our lives and create an appealing #Present that will lead us to a satisfying #Future; a future where the boundary that divides us into races, colors, friends and enemies is dissolved to bring us in oneness to the family, The family we once derailed from, The family of The Living God. RailRoads To Yesterday is that train that will take us there, that train that is designed to travel back through time, but limited by our lack of imagination.. RailRoads To Yesterday is Here and its boarding... Get your free tickets at http://www.reverbnation.com/AaronJoe/songs

Love is all we need and Hope is just the biginning...

There are millions of kids homeless this very second, with no clean water, no heat to keep warm, no hope on the next meal and most likely no one to dry their eyes. What kind of world do we live in that these dont seem to bother us.. We individually have to be their hope, one way or the other by voicing out and taking to heart their plead for help. We must individually face these problems and act as though we were their only hope, as though if we dont act on it, they will be doomed, we must give them a shoulder to cry on. We may not be able to save them all, but we must try so we dont lose them all..

God gives Hope, but He gives it through you and me for you and me. That being said, we are God's hope for one another. Its high time we play our part in the Hope business, for we cheat our souls when we are in a position to give hope but act otherwise. We need to edify one another in everything we do, from entertaining to restoring the hope that needs to be restored. Be the Hope a child is waiting for, any child, any race, from any and every walk of Life. May The Living God guide your heart and bless you with Love in your heart so you will in turn bless His children, in Jesus name, Amen... AaronJoe.