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The group Saints Of Insanity has long been waiting the release of their latest album Beyond Redemption. The music they have been creating is beginning to catch the attention of many ears in the industry. One in particular was Rich Linder,writer for Alternative Revolt Magazine. Saints Of Insanity contacted Rich and he was blown away. Soon Saints Of Insanity was discussing the long and arduous journey they had taken thus far. After hearing their story Rich wanted to help out in any way he could. This lead to a full page interview of the band being published in Alternative Revolt Magazine. Because of a great story they were now sharing pages with bands like As I lay Dying, 3 Doors Down, Red, POD, Cradle Of Filth, and Asking Alexandria to name a few. This is a big accomplishment for the group and they feel very privileged and thankful for all their fans and friends who have supported them through thick and thin.

Saints makin noise!!!!

Well as some of you might know, as of September 24th we became an official artist of Itchy Metal Entertainment .We are so excited for the future with them and are already making plans for big things.Along side that, we are going to be releasing our debut album "Beyond redemption", its has been a long time coming and finally its here,so be on the look out.For those of you who want to hear us on the radio, well we got that covered as well.You can find us on V103.3 Internet radio Bay area,Rock96-7 Modesto,www.metalheadradio.com .And lastly we have a HUGE show coming up Oct 22 opening for LIT,Spineshank,and Green Jello IN Fresno Ca at the Woodward Park Amphitheater, Hit us up for tix they are selling fast!!!! Big things are coming and we cant do it with out the support of the brotherhood,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Saints of Insanity

Saints on the rise

The Saints are on the rise. We have been very busy lately. There is a lot a head of us in the near future. We were just featured on the cover of NoTown Magazine and have not had a break since. In a few day we will be on New Rock 104.1 and will continue to be on there for a few weeks. The radio promotion is for a Free show we are doing at Swiggs April 30th for the two year anniversary of the Dirty Dowdy Podcast. There will be a tattoo booth, Chemically Imbalanced girls, and much much more. It's going to be a great night. The seventh annual Tattoo Convention is also upon us. Artist from around the world join together for an amazing day of art and music. We will be performing May 1st at the event so keep a look out. Saints Of Insanity is proud to say that they will be participating in a wonderful event June 18th & 19th. The Historic Crest Theater from the 1940's is in need of help and music is going to bring it. This is a two day event filled with about thirty bands of all different genres. Everything earned from the show will be put directly back into the theater. They're also still looking for a few more sponsors, so those of you out there with that helping hand, please some forward. We are awaiting our new album "Beyond Redemption" which should be hitting the streets later this year. There is so much more ahead & tones to do. We love it!