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Which would you rather have

I was sitting here thinking people always say they want respect and loyalty ,but if you had to pick one which one means the most to you and explain why.

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Is that what you really would wish for?

A couple years ago all i ever wanted was wealth,fame, and sucess until i got really sick and the only thing i could pray or wish for was my health. Now don't get me wrong i still wish for wealth,fame and sucess but the only diffence is i'm going to add good health to that list which would be at the top of that list.

I realized i'm already sucessfully, but my sucess comes with being a good mother, a good provider and a good person to others. If you could wish for anything what would it be and tell my why.

Why am I always embarrasen myself?

I'm only going to share this with you all . ok here it goes every single time I blow my nose why is it that theres always snot left on my chest omg how embarrassen . Has that happen to anyone or is it just me? Share some of your embarrassen moments with me.