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Chronicles of Tyrinthia: Sword Sworn

We continue to plan for more Fall performances so check in often to see the locations and dates for all soon to be announced events! Chronicles of Tyrinthia: Sword Sworn, entered its final edits and will be completed for a 2012 release as scheduled, final date pending.

As always, we thank everyone for their continued support, attendance at our events, and spreading the word of Power Metal!

3 Tracks Fresh from the Studio

If you havent already make sure to check out our three tracks from the upcoming Heralds album, Chronicles of Tyrinthia: SwordSworn. Tell us what you think, spread the word, give us likes, come to a show, etc!

Track off the Album

We plan to release a track from our upcoming album to give you a taste of Tyrinthia! There will also be two more to follow leading up to final release. Hope you enjoy and spread the word when it happens!!!

Recording time!

Heralds of the Sword are currently involved in recording at Black Static Recording Studios for a Fall 2011/2012 album release. We have decided not to actively look into booking performances during the recording processes though we will accept inquiries at heraldbooking@gmail.com. Thank you for supporting Power Metal from the Lands of Tyrinthia, it has been a great journey thus far with many countless year to follow. We hope you will enjoy this upcoming album release as much as we have enjoyed crafting it!

Tickets for the Whisky, Project Independent!

Tickets available NOW! $13 per person.

Purchase them today from any Heralds OR through your Paypal account:

Want to purchase through PayPal? Send your request through email to HeraldsOfTheSword@gmail.co​m, include your email address and mailing address with the number of tickets you want to purchase and we will send you a payment request via PayPal!

Tickets going fast

Our tickets for the July 30th show are nearly sold out! Cant wait to see you all there! We also have tickets for our September 4th show at the Whisky in LA, and they are selling fast as well, dont miss out!

Email us at heraldsofthesword@gmail.com for info about events and/or tickets!

Promo Photo Shoot

Pictures from our extensive photo shoots are now live, enjoy them!

http://www.heraldsofthesword.com http://www.facebook.com/heraldsofthesword

Heralds of the Sword @ The Gate (Awaken the Scene)

Heralds of the Sword, live at The Gate for the Awaken the Scene show!

Show starts at 3pm, $7 cover charge doors at 2:30, this will be an all day/night event, expect YOUR Heralds to hit the stage at 7pm. Those of you that have been to our shows will be excited to know we come ready with two fresh new tracks, one concerning the Honor and Life of the Heralds in Tyrinthia, the other will be of the FINAL battle to retake Castle Durnhaus! Dont miss the world premier of these songs as well as a few extra surprises! Never been to a Heralds show, you are in luck, come see a full hour of POWER METAL from the United States!

Come join Warlord Khadgar sing the tales of Tyrinthia! Experience our battles against Lodac and his Dark Elf Legions. Venture together into combat with your Dwarven Lord, Torvak. Move swiftly with Elven bows and magic along side Saelion and Lerador, even control the ancient lands of Durnhas with Vampyre Count Vincenzo as he vows to retake his Castle Durnhas from the grasps of the Drow General Darklan. Battle along side the valiant Paladin Fedelis as he commands the pure forces of the Kingdom of Old as one of the Heralds! Come one come all, the tales of old are near, you wouldnt want to miss the words of Eanamin would you? See you at the Show!


www.facebook.com/thegaterocks www.heraldsofthesword.com

Photo Shoot in session!

We approach our next professional photo session with Brady Cabe this Saturday! Looks like you will get another fantastic spread of epic photos soon enough. Whats that, Brady Cabe from his very own Cabe Creative Photography will also be shooting our next live show on July 2nd at The Gate!!! Make sure you come to that costume or not, we want YOU in the pics too!!!

https://www.facebook.com/cabecreativephotography https://www.facebook.com/heraldsofthesword https://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=204748682891695&ref=ts

Battle of the Bands!

Vote for us to be part of the upcoming Battle of the Bands.

For more details visit, http://www.battleofthebands.com/u/Lerador

Login and vote, you are allowed one vote a day! No multiple accounts please, lets get this accomplished honestly, thank you for your support!

Heralds of the Sword
Heralds of the Sword  (almost 7 years ago)

Your support has been outstanding thus far. Please keep at it and take us through this Battle!