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New In Town

Just posted my song New In Town !!! Its been way too long! I hope you guys enjoy it ! Let me know what you think ! More songs from my EP "Embrace Difference" coming soon!!! Love you all!

Vicki Burr Pomfret
Vicki Burr Pomfret  (about 3 years ago)

Can't wait to see you!!!

EP Release excited!!!

Hello my loves! I'm getting ready for the release of my EP! Just putting on the final touches:) I've got a photo shoot scheduled and I'm ready to rock and roll!!! lol I love all of you for continuously supporting me! Lets make 2014 the break out year for the "Embrace Difference" Movement!!!!

Everything great takes time:)

Hey Everyone! I am currently in the studio working on my EP!! New music coming soon!! I just moved to the Orlando, FL area and I am super excited to jump in full force to my music. It has been a rollercoaster ride, but now I wouldn't change it for anything. I know there is a time for everything and my time is about to take over! Performing at Florida Music Festival 2013 was just the beginning. Thanks to everyone who has followed me since the very start. Much Love! 3-B

VOTE ! MAY 16!

Hey everyone : ) I just got back from New York and had an awesome visit! Hoping to move along with my music career :) Until then I would love if you could take the time to vote for either of my two songs."Here I Am" of "Crossroads". I am in a competition for my music to be selected for the upcoming "Renee" movie soundtrack. Voting starts May 16! Please go to http://www.reneethemovie/soundtrack Thanks! Embrace Difference, Brittany Pomfret

Just getting started : )

Hey everyone! I'm Brittany Pomfret : ) Check out my Original songs "Here I Am" and "Crossroads". Let me know what you think! Good or bad! Music is my passion and I am hoping to make it my Career. I'll keep you posted on any new songs. Also check out my facebook and myspace pages and follow me on twitter. : ) Have a great day, dreamer.