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Half Way

Moin moin girls and fellas !!

I'm very proud to tell you, the search for cool musicians has come to an end. The band is complete and now we can go straight into compositions !!!! It was a struggle, but allmost worth to be fought.


Still on the RUN !!!

Nearly two years after moving from Hamburg to Switzerland, I'm still searching for a matching band. I had a few rehearsals but the people here ( Lake Bodan Area ) are working so different. It's like writing songs on the graveyard. If it isn't mainstream- or old-fashioned cover-stuff, you won't find people. So strange !!!! I might write a book about my adventures.

ALOHA ! Reverend


Yesterday I quit my band NEONPARK ..... I'm so sad about this. This summer I'll move from Hamburg to Switzerland and so I had to make a decision. NEONPARK was the best band I ever played with. Great attitude !! If you few readers know a band in north-eastern Switzerland, let me know. I still wanna become a ROCKSTAR !!

Beady Eye

You all can say what you want to .... on monday I was on the Beady Eye concert at Große Freiheit 36, Hamburg. It was the best gig I've seen for a long long time and it is good to have all these guys back on stage again.

This is just a test !

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