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Car Accident

Due to the recent incident coming home from Deep Ellum Metal Festival, the production on "Damned and Loving It" has to be halted until further notice, which may in-turn delay its release. Additionally, due to some conflict and thinking, some of the announced songs will be cut from the album. All of my guitars and vocals will be re-recorded when I enter the studio next month.

I am now without an amplifier since it was totaled in the trunk of my car. If I can't replace it in time, I'm gonna need to borrow from one of the bands at the upcoming gig in Fort Worth. To those who've heard already, I thank you for your concern and hope things get better from here.

Damned and Loving It

Skelteria's got a new lineup and is hard at work on the new album "Damned and Loving It" and all we can say is that this album is either gonna make us or break us. Either way, it's gonna pay off!

Hamburger Time

So... in the wake of the incident that will forever be known in my heart as "Hangar-gate", I'm gonna have to make some unfortunate announcements: Kim Shank has left Skelteria and Nick Klepin might be indisposed for the next few shows. Honestly, I don't know what the fuck is going on. After seven years, I feel like Skelteria has become a sick dog that needs to be put down. Nick and I still want to work on the new album, but I might have to do it on my own if things aren't well. And I want to at least do a few more shows in Dallas and Fort Worth before the year is out. So yeah, this is the begnning of the end. It's still been a fun seven years, but Skelteria's hamburger time has come. In conclusion, I thank every person who's given their fanship and support and given every opportunity for Skelteria to thrash it's ass off before a wild crowd.


Five years of Skelteria

Well, there's nothing better to do today so I'm gonna post a few announcements regarding Skelteria's future. First I forgot to announce that following SKL's first show [finally] at Wit's End, I've decided to officially retire UNIT#24601. I originally did so a week before but when the gig came up, I figured I could retire him properly. As for the next gig, I'm gonna recruit some new members for the band and we're gonna play "The Nightmare Begins" in its entirety. There's also plans in store to celebrate Skelteria's fifth anniversary. I don't know right now what it's gonna be be, but I do know it's gonna be cool.


Skelteria got signed!

I'm sure most of my fans already know this, but Skelteria has proudly gotten signed with HHFU guitarist Hal Wagner's new label Burning Texan Records and the Green-Fireball-From-Hell-Album has been reissued on the label with some remastering courtesy of Wagner. So go check out the label and support it if you can 'cuz they've got some other awesome bands on there as well.

The "Marshmallows" video is being scrapped.

I have told a few people about the animated music video I've been working on for "Roasting Marshmallows on the Fires of Hell" and how it's gonna be animated with PowerPoint slides like the one for "The Nightmare Begins" and my movie "ZombieBack Ribs: The Apocalypse". Well, after going to the super-awesome Rush concert last night with all its super-awesome visuals I've decided I'm gonna scrap everything I've got and try for something more professional-ish. The video was slated to be my retirement from making PowerPoint toons but -fuckit- I'm retiring NOW 'cuz that PowerPoint style I've used is just beyond cheap.

Quentin Tarantino and I have one big thing in common.


The Green-Fireball-From-Hell Album

Skelteria's self-titled album, a.k.a. "The Green-Fireball-From-Hell Album" is now available.


I know I've already posted this on Facebook, but here it is. The new self-titled album shall be a six-song EP and is set to be released in June or July. Sadly, for those of you who are fans, this will be Skelteria's swan song. I have decided to disband Skelteria before the year is over so I can focus on other projects. I plan to play maybe three or four shows until then 'cuz what better time to play shows than when you're disbanding. For all those of you who ever bothered to check out Skelteria's music and/or become fans, you are very appreciated.

UPDATE: I lied, the album's going to be a seven-song LP


Two days ago, Balfabar Nosugref of the parody black metal band Detsorgsekalf unexpectedly passed away. Words cannot describe how devastating the news was to me. His over-the-top stage presecence as well as the rest of Detsorgsekalf's will for silliness were a major inspiration for Skelteria's tongue in cheek style, especially in the videos. If there's anything this untimely loss can teach us is that if you're a musician, DON'T PUT THINGS OFF! Seize the day, grab any oppurtunity, 'cuz you never fucking know. Goddamn, why do our favorite metal musicians keep dying!?! Well, at least even this couldn't stop me from celebrating my birthday like a motherfucker. Sincerely, Evan.