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Willow Roots

the town in which I live (Perth On) ran a song writting contest for the towns 200th birthday. I wrote "Willow Roots", a folkie little ditty, touching on a few of Perth's historical highlights, and entered . I managed to place 4th, missing out on the cash prizes, but it will make the commemorative CD which is being published by the Stewart Park Festival committee. My thanks to the committee and the town of Perth , see you all at this yrs festival ! Ray

free download

"Steve's Farewell" free download available to friends and family, or anyone who like's the song, on my page at reverbnation.

Listen !!!

20 new fans and only one of you actually listened to a song... and you all expect me to return the fanship, this is not about collecting fans, it's about sharing music !!!!!!!!!!!

RN format changes

Lucky me - I have been selected to test reverbnations new format on my profile page - dont like it - and if it stays I may be going back to myspace.

Cant Cry video

A poor quality video, filmed with just a digital camera with a built in condenser mic, and not what I consider one of my best works, but a chance to project a little human element on to my page. Recorded in a one bdroom apt in Ottawa about 4 yrs ago now.

new posting

hey folks - I've just posted onther of my epics -"Widows March", actually an older song, just had some trouble getting it under the size cap for the page. Originally 9 mins and 27 secs , I did a fade out around 6 and a half mins to get it on the page. I wrote this one right after Canada lost our 1st soldier in Afghanistan - tore my heart out to read about his young widow and child, in the papers.