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Sendoff for a Brother!

Paul J. Simpson, a former drummer with Reverend Hell and a longtime friend, passed away on January 11th from long running health problems. To say he's going to be missed is an understatement- besides playing drums for us for a time last summer, he's one of the few people that I know who shared my enthusiastic guitar geekiness! Though he mainly played country and blues, he brought a swing to our sound that had been missing, and now I wish I could go back and record those practices. Along with that, he was a true friend- with a crude sense of humor and a spirit of generosity that was hard to match. Times I spent hanging out with him would usually turn into guitar conversations or jam sessions- usually starting with Paul saying, with a spark in his eye, "hey, man, you have to check this out!" Really one of the easiest people to get along with that I have ever met! I guess, all in all, I can sum everything up by saying that Paul's soul left a bright mark on this plane of reality that will never fade- and I'm glad to call him my friend! Rock in Peace, Brother! We'll miss you- and look forward to jamming again one day!

Last Night's Show-

And again, it's been a long time between blog posts- but I just wanted to take a minute to thank everyone involved with the Dallas Music Fest, & everyone who hung out for the show! We all had a great time, so thanks a million!

Exciting News! Time for a shout out!

And the shout out goes to my buddy Lance at Fiscus Guitars, who just became distributors for UK based Entwistle pickups! Lance has been building some really nice guitars and custom parts for some time now, and after a lot of research, has decided to go with Entwistle Pickups for his projects! Stay tuned for a video review of these pickups, as my own "El Macho" Strat copy will soon be outfitted with a set! To order a set for your guitar, or to find out more information about Fiscus Guitars, just go to http://www.fiscusguitars.com and use the contact link to request more information! Until later, ROCK ON!! Your pal, Rev

An open mind opens doors of possiblity!

Generally speaking, I haven't been too keen on doing covers of songs, only because I don't feel like I can do them justice. In my opinion, if I dig a song enough to want to cover it, it must be good the way it is, so what am I going to bring to it!? There is one exception to that rule of thumb, though- when covering a song, and putting a different spin on it, I think that can be a good thing! Especially when the original author/composer of the song has completely encouraged it! That brings me to my point- the new track you'll find right at the top of my song list is a cover of a dance tune from a while back- personally authorized as a metal cover by Bart Plaskoff of the band Schneebezen. I met Bart through a completely non-musical venture, and as it turns out, he's not only a super cool guy, but he's also a metal fan! Rasputin's Rainbow, as it is here, is a demo of one of 2 tracks he gave me the go-ahead to remake, so keep on the lookout for another tune called "Chain of Fire" as well as updated versions of some of the songs that are here already! Thanks a million up front for any comments!

More on equipment

Sometimes it's the little things that make a big difference! In the category of big things, musically speaking, we have stuff like drumsets and half-stacks and full stacks, and when a player has a preference for a sound, it's pretty easy to hear! Guitars, to me the same way in a small way... each one is unique, and if you can get a sound you like from it, that's really the important part! I never really thought about picks much though... I mean, they're all pretty much the same, right? I thought so, to an extent, until recently, when my buddy Lance from Fiscus Guitars sent me some he's been working on to try! I'm giving Lance some props here, because these picks are really unique, and have now been added to my "stuff to never be without" collection! All I can say is you have to try them! Email Lance Fiscus from his website at www.fiscusguitars.com and tell him Reverend Hell sent you! Until next time, I'll be thinking of other things to write about! Peace!

Insanity wrapped in a plywood box!

I didn't really know what to make this blog post about, so I started thinking about some of my favorite equipment- We just had a second practice today in our current incarnation, and so that meant that my entire rig came with me out for some long needed air!! On the whole, my "entire rig" is pretty basic. Even at practice, we play LOUD, just because, but beyond air-pushing capability, I have been through, in the process of almost 30 years playing guitar, a LOT of amps and guitars. I have my favorite guitar- that would be the Washburn-- I keep it downtuned to dropped C because it takes it well and sounds killer, and my Jackson RR V is kept at dropped D for those songs... That's where things get even simpler. I happened across a first gen Randall Warhead some time ago, and from the moment I found the power switch, I was smitten! I've owned a lot of amps, both tube and solid state, and finally have found one that really is useful when you plug a cable between it and the guitar. Done, and done! How is it still holding up? Well, in the world of amps, this one is the baddest motherfucker in the valley, so to speak. In bringing it to practice and cranking it up with Cole Daddy pounding the ever loving Hell out of those skins, all I can say is that I'm glad the neighbors are cool! I have a few recordings of that practice that I'm sorting out-- depending on what I find, I may upload one or two here, just for a preview!

I guess that's good for now- see you all next time, when I'll be talking about Zen and the art of sonic brutality!

First Blog Post

After what is about a year since opening my reverbnation account to get back into playing music, I am finally doing what I had intended all along! There have been some detours along the way, but the important thing is how the trip progresses once it's started, and what a start it's been! Thanks to my friends on twitter and reverbnation (and when I get off my ass and sync my Facebook) we've managed to go from local chart position 420 to 148 in just over a week, and it's still climbing! That was so encouraging that I've been uploading new songs as I get them done, despite the need for a real lead singer... or maybe that's my call for help for a lead singer! At any rate, keep checking back, because the excitement here continues to grow! I just reconnected with Cole Daddy, one of the drummers I had the pleasure of playing with during the time I played in Project Darkless- and I'm telling you, we're on an upswing because of it! Expect new stuff to be coming in more regularly and we hope to see you during the summer! More to come! Peace!