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After SteelDrivers @ Old Rock House, Elemental Shakedown @ Broadway Oyster Bar

In September of 2012, Elemental Shakedown was named Best Bluegrass by The Riverfront Times. On Friday, March 22nd 2013, following the conclusion of The SteelDrivers show at Old Rock House, Elemental Shakedown will play at Broadway Oyster Bar. The show will begin at approximately 10:00 PM. The Broadway Oyster Bar is charging only $5 at the door for those celebrating a night of bluegrass after The SteelDrivers show. So bring an appetite for the bayou, the BOB and some bluegrass music.

Facebook Event Link https://www.facebook.com/events/215652318579194/#



Named 2012 Best Bluegrass band in St. Louis ... Elemental Shakedown

We are super excited about yesterdays news! Late in the afternoon I started receiving some strange text messages. Friends were reaching out with many 'Congratulations.' To our surprise we had been named Best Bluegrass band in the Riverfront Times famous 'Best of ...' issue.

After some feverish messaging to band members, who also had no idea what was going on, I finally got online to check out the RFT's website for myself and it was true. One of the coolest aspects to this is that we really had no idea we were being considered.

So a giant THANK YOU goes out from the members of ELSD to St. Louis, the Riverfront Times and all the fans that made this possible.

See you soon at a show!

New members

Happy to welcome aboard Bryan Ranney on mandolin and we have been enjoying playing with Bob Stuckey for the past few months.