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2012 Thus Far Jan 13th, 2012 FRIDAY THE 13TH!

MAN WHAT A NIGHTMARE/DREAM! Got all new music, and some new players. Its a gruelling process getting a "show" going. There is more to a show than correctly playing music. Im very happy to say that the additions I have made are really making me smile, i love having a little keyboard and new background harmony with me =) Im also happy to report that I get my hubby beside me 100% now and he takes a huge load off my shoulders.

This year we've begun working with another Talent Agency that Im meeting with later thsi month to get more regionally recognized. I love you Tulsa, but I am sure you are SICK of me by now. haha!! Although i enjoy you every second, and every picture, and every hug ;)

This past year I have gotten closer to some amazing people in the Tulsa Music Sene and have been taught so much. I think if I had to choose one person I admire most it would be the infamous WANDA WATSON, holy geez shes amazing!

So off i go ( from here) to get equipment set up for the rehearsal of my life. LOL LOTS to go over tonight...Gonna have a new show polished by the TULSA BOAT SHOW at the EXPO on the 30th....very happy about it, and to get to sit on boats I'll never be able to buy haha!