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Working on getting things together for some new downloads. Finally something that reflects how we currently sound.

this review makes no sense

". . . something for both the inner pessimist and inner optimist, offering the inner realist a nice break from their endless squabbling. They've got a natural tunefulness that's fully realized here, with their mostly bleak lyrics buoyed by unexpected tonal variety. Healthy rock 'n' roll urges under gird the busy eclecticism of it all - imagine a red-blooded glam boner packed in to campy young-Eno briefs worn under indie-drab thrift-store jeans with gaze worthy shoes." - Chicago Reader


". . . its lush orchestral indie rock warrants a higher standing." - The Onion AV

“Lacona play moody indie/post-punk with buzzing distortion and thumping, gothy drums. The sound is sparse yet surprisingly cacophonous and intriguing. The vox have a hipsterish, monotone Lou Reed quality, but it's melodic and works well in contrast to the accompaniment. This is especially true on the two songs on President's Day, where vocal harmonies overlap in a soft yet unsettling way atop depressing guitar and orchestral touches. Interesting stuff.” -Read Junk

""President's Day", is a lush and fragmented country-ish folk-pop song with a nice, dusty farm sort of appeal…lovingly assembled with some ear-pleasing horns…"wet snow" meanders in a nice acoustic guitar / strings vein for the first two thirds before bursting into a extremely catchy, warm pop mood. overall, this is a solid single - a little taste like this makes their upcoming album seem quite enticing." Indieville

"the Chicago band use understated instrumentation that has a rich sound with a hint of indie and folk …with pumping rhythms and melodies that border on the upbeat. Indie rock that keeps you guessing." Pluginmusic

"The sound is sparse and the melodies are spare and lean. I like the tight feel. There's something good going on here." Aidabet

"The acoustical music is wonderful in its quiet subtleness" The Chicken Fish Speaks

"Lacona has put out some great songs…you will automatically be taken back in time to when people knew want it meant to experiment with music. These days everything is so cookie cutter that when a band like Lacona comes along it is nice to hear it." All Ages Zine

".. such a pleasant surprise. These four songs showcase a willingness to explore and experiment that should be commended. The band never allows the experimentation to overtake the heart of their songs. Lacona walk that slippery slope with remarkable poise and precision. The band is able to show off their eclectic sound within these four tracks. …beautiful melancholic folk… I am now officially eagerly awaiting the band's full length, Pantomime…a successful triumph for Lacona." Sound as Language

"....woozy synths and tub-thumping percussion . . . a polyphonic spree of bells, horns, and percolating guitars" Illinois Entertainer

"Lacona's not afraid to pile on the melodrama, but it's impressively ambitious in scope, encompassing bits and pieces of everything from psychedelic rock to peppy pop to the kind of spooky, angular, echoey guitar stuff that keeps college-radio DJs knee-deep in EPs." TimeOut Chicago

". . . keyboards, bass and drums combine to make a melodious noise not unlike that of a ’60s pop band with a proclivity for the occasional odd and eccentric flourish. . . . diversity and a few extra eclectic turns, . . .Lacona might fit well within the confines of the Elephant 6 Collective . . . with Geoffrey Dolce’s nimble vocal style and Patrick Newbery’s often curiously bellowing keys -- and possibly another album’s worth of experimentation -- it could well be on its way to creating something worth shouting about." Pittsburgh City Paper

". . . a romantic-80s-pop sense of melody . . . Geoffrey Dolce's vocals made me imagine Simon LeBon fronting the Sea and Cake. and Patrick Newbery's keyboards add some lovely depth of field." Chicago Reader

". . . a seductive introduction into the thoughtful, high-energy psych-pop meets post-rock of Chicago’s Lacona.. . . Geoffrey Dolce’s vibrant voice and the shimmering, nervy texture of his guitar. Lacona is on to something – their sound, even at this nascent stage of their development, is unique – something people will want to get into." Copperpress