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Songs of Drink & Revelry

Join Margaret at the beautiful Sabhal Mòr Ostaig campus on the Isle of Skye, for this unique new course, focusing on songs relating to hospitality, conviviality and revelry; songs in praise of wine, brandy and whisky, panegyric praise of hospitality, songs relating to smuggling, bothies, illicit-stills and indeed some songs of the temperance movement. The course will also feature songs of regret at over-indulgence and will span the ages from the time of the famous Clann Mhuirich bards to those composed in more recent times.

Material will be placed in social and historical context and a field-trip to the distillery of Skye's own whisky, Talisker, will also be part of the course.

This informative and relaxing course is suitable for all levels of Gaelic language skills, from native/fluent speakers to beginners. Fluent speakers, particularly those who are actively performing Gaelic song, will benefit from advanced tuition in phrasing and stressing while greatly adding to their repertoire, and learners will enjoy immersion in a Living Tradition, tuition from a recognised Gaelic Song Specialist, increased vocabulary and improved pronunciation.

There will also be a lot of fun to be had along the way. The week also includes organised evening entertainment and events.