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Week of Blurrrrrr

It's been one hell of a long half of week. Chilled in the park playing music, wrote new music, hung out with friends, went to the bar for karioke, tried to get a dead bar amped, succeeded as much as possible dued to snow storm. Watched chris and joe eat taco bell meet the most fucked up in the head kid i have ever meet or at least in the top whatever. Thought about family and sister going to college. Recorded Elton John cover, dove further into Pro-Tools, realized i need a $250 dollar upgrade to export my music but thats ok because i have like 4 other recording softwares and continued to be baffled at how internet conection is slow only in my room and not the rest of the house even tho I am closest to the router than the rest of the house. REALIZED OUR PURPOSE IN LIFE IS TO WORK FOR AND COLLECT MONEY. AN IMAGINARY ITEM THAT MAN CREATED PUTTING A DISGUISE ON WHATEVER THE TRUE PURPOSE IS. LOVE IS A PHRASE TOO EASILY THROWN AROUND TO PROVIDE AN ARTIFICIAL FLUFFY WARM OPIATE CLOWD. pEACE AND LOVE EVERYONE :-/