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Tyrell (Yung Yoty) Burks is the founder of FameChasin Ent , with being a active recording artist for 4 years now. Managing himself is the reason for most of his success such as booking shows, promoting, distributing, recording, and most of all his ambition. With Yung Yoty only being 20 years of age. He strongly feels that he has a big impact on other people life. Yung Yoty took a lot of "No" just because he started booking up shows at the age of sixteen. Pushing himself to goals that people are telling him that he will not reach. Yung Yoty music inspire the youth to make better decision, and to give his generation more knowledge on what is going on in the world. If you would listen to his words, Yung Yoty sound like a younger vision of T.I.P and Rocko