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"Unsafe at Any Volume" Take Two!

The LivVers will be in the studio very soon, to hopefully finally finish off the long-awaited "Unsafe ay Any Volume" our first trip to the studio since the "messiah Complex" demo that we can't post on Reverbnation. It has been a long time in the making with more than a few bumps along the way, but hopefully the 100th time is the charm.

The LivVers T-Shirt Design Contest!

The LivVers want you, yes you, to help us come up with ideas for an officially official LivVers t-shirt! That is right; channel all of your angst, creativity, and/or dysfunction into a t-shirt! The winner will get a free shirt, as well as a chance at legendary status!

Send your submissions to our Facebook page located at http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-LivVers/128782747135773 for your chance to make history!


It is fairly common knowledge that The LivVers don't win anything.

Until tonight that is.

After six years, over one hundred shows in countless venues covering hundreds of miles, The LivVers somehow managed to win the Swampgrass Willy's Battle of the Bands. We faced the stiff competition, and have won 20 hours of studio time in the process. Maybe this is a new era for us.

Busy Busy

Gonna be a busy couple of weeks for The LivVers, we have a show tonight (That is June 19th) at Propaganda in Lake Worth, June 21st at a YMCA also in Lake Worth July 8th at the Monterrey Club in Fort Lauderdale, July 9th at Churchill's in Miami, July 10th at Propaganda again, and probably more waiting to get booked or get more information. Add to that the recording process with AJC Studios and trying to get LIVVER-1 running (by the way we are accepting donations) we have quite a bit on our plates.

A bit for us is a benefit to you, The LivVers are going to be unavoidable this summer.

June Shows

The LivVers are playing on Friday night at DC Rehearsal and Sound on Friday June 10th with Lavola, We Kill Giants, and Leading the Heroes.

Then we hit Port Saint Lucie on the 11th at the Paradise Lounge with The Ruins and the Pubreckers.

On June 17th we are playing some kind of big shindig at Area 7.

In Summary, The LivVers are starting the summer off right and so should you.

Unsafe at Any Volume Recording

So The LivVers are back in the studio again, this time working with the beautiful and talented Miss Amanda June Covetskie on our first full length album "Unsafe at Any Volume" which will be up and ready to go before the dog days of summer. It's gonna be a good'un, with a whole slew of new stuff, as well as some new spins on some old favorites. The whole thing is awash with glory so keep your ears open for it when we start spreading it around the place.

Hello Reverb Nation.

We are The LivVers.