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After Many Days of Sunshine

After Many Day’s Of Sunshine, by Judy Lairsmith,

After Many Days of Sunshine

After many days of sunshine the earth was burnt.

Air shimmered in water mirages,

newspapers blew across the dusty road and

the laser sun wilted the petals of the wild rose

you planted in the front yard years ago.

They said it would be this day or one soon

that your sunken eyes and drooling mouth

would give way for the next dying man.

When the phone rang I knew it would be

a caring voice calling me to come and

retrieve whatever remained.

In an atrium filled with so many lost lives,

I take my place, as if I had become

part of the past now too,

an unread footnote to an unremarkable life.

I wished you had played to win instead of for fun.

You might have asked for prayers instead

of morphine in the end when you slipped

into the cool morning just before the glare begins.

I know how glad you were to be freed from the

cheerful chatter of strangers offering a cold cheek

and helping hand.

If only I could have wrapped myself around you,

breathing hope into your scarred lungs.

We might have danced the way we used to.

My bare feet being led by your work boots,

humming our own tune until the end of time. by Judy Lairsmith.(my sister.) Listen on the Kite Tailor Player