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2013 January Newsletter by Henry Salvia, keyboards

OK, Dad’s asleep in his chair and the wimmin-folk are in the kitchen, so gather around the Festivus Pole and I’ll tell you the Tale of The Houston Jones Schedule.

They are busy little beavers this month, what with an appearance this Saturday January 5th 8 pm at the Guitar Mecca of Lafayette CA, Stevie Coyle’s Mighty Fine Guitars (really the Lamorinda Music store next door, but who doesn’t bow in the direction of the Guitar Mecca of Lafayette?). We’ve assured Stevie that as soon as he sits in with us we’ll hand over the negatives and his Precious, none the worse for wear.

Next Saturday January 12th at 8 pm a stop at the Sutter Creek Theater, mnemonically enough in Sutter Creek. This is a cool little theater with a wine bar attached, what’s not to love? We wind up January on the 31st at KKUP radio, 91.5 on your FM dial, on the Moonlight Trail show at 8:30 pm, starring Jackie Loken as Dale Evans.

On to glamorous February. Saturday February 2nd at 7:30 pm we warm up at The Woodshed at Keith Holland Guitars, then like a bad penny Stevie Coyle turns up with us again Saturday February 9th 7:30 pm at the Woodland Opera House, mnemonically enough in Woodland. This is a very cool example of the classic late 19th century Western “opera house” (which usually hosted anything but opera) and worth the trip to see, and a great venue for live music.

Then on to the Ted Falasco Arts Center in Los Banos, where the mnemonically named Los Banos Arts Council presents Houston Jones Saturday February 16th 7:30 pm. We grind to a temporary halt at our favorite general store with a full bar, the San Gregorio Store on Sunday February 24th at 2 pm.

There’s much more to come, road trips to Vegas and the return of Houston and Jones, but we’ll get to that once I dig out the driveway. Now don’t put your tongue on the Festivus Pole, and I’ll see you in the funny papers.

Henry Salvia

p.s. As always, Houston Jones schedule details can be found here: http://www.houstonjones.com/schedule.htm

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"A confluence of sublime talent." — David Wiegand, San Francisco Chronicle

"No one delivers the goods quite like Houston Jones....Houston Jones remains one of the West Coast's most talented and entertaining bands". — Jim Lee, Dirty Linen Magazine

"My favorite band!" — Jackie Loken, Hostess and DJ, KKUP 91.5 FM, Santa Clara

"Always a favorite here...this killer acoustic music act has unique interpretations of grassroots Americana that will leave you breathless and thoroughly rocked." — West Coast Live / National Public Radio

"A wonderful gem of a band...truly exceptional music...wonderful original tunes...some brought tears to our eyes...These guys are a rare treat!" — Billboard.com

UPCOMING SHOWS Mighty Fine Guitars Lafayette, CA Sat Jan 05 13 08:00 PM Sutter Creek Theatre Sutter Creek, CA Sat Jan 12 13 08:00 PM KKUP 91.5 FM Santa Clara, CA Thu Jan 31 13 08:00 PM The Woodshed at Keith Holland Guitars Los Gatos, CA Sat Feb 02 13 07:00 PM Woodland Opera House Woodland, CA Sat Feb 09 13 07:30 PM Los Banos Arts Council Los Banos, CA Sat Feb 16 13 08:00 PM San Gregorio General Store San Gregorio, CA Sun Feb 24 13 02:00 PM Dave Chambers Ghost Ranch Concerts Lake Havasu City, AZ Fri Mar 08 13 07:30 PM West Charleston Library Las Vegas, NV Sat Mar 09 13 08:00 PM

The Thousand Dollar Taco - by Chris Kee, bassist


The Palms Playhouse, Saturday, July 24th

We will be at The Palms in Winters, CA,  on July 24th.  Those of you who have seen us there before know that the Palms is just a great place to see and hear music—fabulous sound, exceedingly cool vibe.  Those of you who haven’t, by all means come out and see what you’ve been missing.  We look forward to seeing all our friends from both the purple mountains and the fruited plain at the show.  We’ll also be on KDVS (90.3 FM) on the 24th playing live on the Saturday Morning Folk Show with Robyne Fawx as hostess, at 11:00 a.m., so please gather the family around the wireless and support independent radio. Details on all this stuff, as well as upcoming summer fun, are, as usual, at www.houstonjones.com.      Until that time,   Chris