Red side Music Project , Why ?

Behind the Redside pseudonym there is a pop/rock musician and song writer from Valencia . He always share his love for the music with diferent styles wich are very difficult to join together like rock and roll,blues with their evolutions and other styles ,from classical music like Wim Mertens or even synthetizer music like Mike oldfield,Jean Michel Jarre etc. With the influences of these musicians and his experience as a Dance music producer for some years in Valencia,the Redside Music Project was born with the purpose of transforming some old piano songs into electronic pop music with a synthetizers as a great tool to express a lot of emotions,sounds,colours … I hope that I could bring you these piano songs with a new vision,textures,ate mospheres,and adding new ideas with new songs . At this site I'm going to tell you the evolution of this project.

Have a nice time ¡