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Saw Rio's movie, Pinata, then went to Cushing St for a nice supper. Hey!


Best woman and I hit the Cork for a tasty meal and reminisced over our accomplishments, our children, and how the heck did we ever meet...


Nice cloudy day in Tucson. Good chance of rain. And it's the weekend. And no plans.


Hey, what is with these widgets? What are they? Where do they come from? Do they ever go away? Do they keep floating around or something? Man, I don't know...I'm hungry.


Yeah a bit warm in the old pueblo lately, clouds today, ahh the sweet desert life man happy hour in the backyard

downloads available

Downloads for "Nobody Knows" and "Vegas" are available.

Leavin town

Gettin outa town for a while...going to some beaches, read some books, play some ukulele, hang with the family, maybe ride a horse, go on a boat, eat, drink, zone...


Been digging lots of trenches lately. Kinda hard on the hands and fingers, but you know, I think it adds to the soul of guitar playing to be kind of physically compromised. Or maybe not. Rock it!

Todd had a cold

Todd had a cold but still did a great job.


Getting ready to hang out with some ol friends tonight, go eat some truck food, have a beer, see Todd R.