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Building a House

Added "Building a House" to the playlist. Written in Huntington Beach a few years back. Got some ukulele and loud drums!

pickin tonite

did some pickin and singin with Fred and Nina and Lynette, very much fun!


Jammin at the JunXion Friday night with my brothers in Mustang Corners. That's in the old McClellan's building. Maybe they still have some old baseball cards in there.


Workin on Hot Mess, it's still pretty much a mess, but I LOVE the lyrics by Ivy Knipe, so by god I'm gonna keep at it till there's a real good track to post!

Mustang Corners

Playing with my brothers in a couple weeks at Monterey Court.


Working on Paycheck... Also will be playing with the TGS Orchestra this Friday. Gotta shine up my classical guitar and pay attention to all those notes...NO DAYDREAMING!!!


Mixing it up lately. Redid Vegas in key of Eb. Bob C played some lap steel on that. Uploaded Calle Obregon, think it needs another verse though. If so, need to do a new guitar part and vocal.

Butch is Artist of the Day

Artist of the Day on Loud N Loaded Promotions! Thanks for that, Loud N Loaded Promotions.

Butch is Artist of the Day

Artist of the Day on Loud N Loaded Promotion

cast iron tub

when removing a cast iron tub, make sure to wear earmuffs for ear protection if you are busting up the tub with a sledge hammer...what?