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Light at the End of the Tunnel

It's so much easier to have tunnel vision when you're in your 20s! I remember it well, however, we did not have digital recording in those days, no internet, no ProTools. We recorded with 4-track, 8-track, 16-track, 24-track mixers. I was in a swirl of creativity, happily anti-social except for my band mates and a few close friends. Now I'm a little more social, thanks to many years in a great musical community, plus marriage and kids, and I've returned to that creative mindset, with that tunnel vision, except this time there are lots of breaks (leaks?) in the tunnel - to take care of other business! Not complaining - as a matter of fact, I'm just so happy to be alive during this digital age and to have amazing band mates who have helped me so much to see the light in my creative life. For me, it's getting my first CD done. And what a beautiful collection of songs it is. I'm looking forward to people's impressions of the music. The musicians are incredible and I just love the lyrics of the jazz standards - as well as those I wrote and I want to hear others sing them! Isn't that the ultimate compliment, to have other people sing your songs! More to come.

Procrastination station

As my dear friend (and uncle) Raul once said, (or always says), it's not the goal that counts, it's the journey. I take that to heart because one can become obsessed with career, money, control, etc., and miss out on the joys of creating music, of expressing feelings in the poetry of lyrics or even miss time with one's children. I know I travel a road that winds, rises, falls, returns, circles, and otherwise meanders, but I'm fortunate to have my loving husband and kids, my wonderful family and friends along with me. However, I do hope to have my original songs released before I cash in my chips! =) It begins now. Let's see how long it takes! I am contributing to the next CD of the group, "Sugarcane Rush" and just did the vocal on one of my songs a few days ago. Plus I almost have all the arrangements for my jazz CD. When there is so much music you've been wanting to get out, it's really hard to decide which songs to record, but you have to start somewhere and just keep going. So my "concept" album will have to wait. For now the concept is - DO IT! It promises to be an eclectic mix of jazz styles, but with the musicians who are adding their arrangements and performances on my CD, I know it's going to be amazing!