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Caleb Luther

‎Meet Me In The Matinee's new album is almost ready for purchase! The album deals with positive and negative aspects of life, such as drug abuse, faith, a crumbling music scene, literature, obsession, fall and rise of relationships, and the changes people go through in life.


Hello! This is Caleb from Meet Me in the Matinee. I'm just dropping by to say that this upcoming Friday, we will be finishing up our new album, Real or Fantasy. We've worked very hard on this album and have spent many months in that studio. Much credit to Brandon Ferguson at Liquitone Studios, he's an amazing producer/engineer. We're extremely excited about the release, and we plan on having muliple release shows throughout Logan, Huntington and Charleston. Last but not least, check out the first trailer for our cd! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zHXvk5QbfYE