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New tunes and gasp...........

Yes we are working on new tunes and aww we are looking at getting a 6 or so song EP out by summers end. So be ready!!!


Well we are all excited, Jarrit and Cindy are now officially married!!! YEA!!! We are on short hiatus until they get through their honey moon and all that married people stuff. Congrat's guys!!

We're also working on getting our older material even more polished and working towards getting it all recorded soon.

It's so awesome to be playing with a group of professional guys that get along, and have the same vision. The only thing we all care about is making good music, it's refreshing. I'll try and keep everyone up to date and as soon as we have some good tracks to post up you know we will. Hang in there and keep an eye out for new show's on the horizon.


The Video's we have up are from when we had 2 guitar players. We now only have one but this just show's our music nothing more nothing less. We write as a band so you might see a few of these songs again only better. We have so many new songs being worked out at the moment it's crazy. We are all really excited about the future of Funky 'lil Demons. We hope to have some nice professional sounding music up soon! Until then check out the videos and horns up \m/\m/