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How to save the Future of Music....

After going back and forth, I've decided to become a premium member of Spotify. Imagine everyone paid the $9.99.month fee and could have access via computer and phone to all their favorite cd's, new & old, playlists for parties, or where you work and bring it with you ANYWHERE or while HANGING AT HOME! I miss the days of hanging out at record stores and saving money to buy as many cd's as possible. I know I have over 700, most are in boxes now. I WANT THOSE CD'S BACK IN MY EVERY DAY COLLECTION! That's why I signed up for Spotify Premium. It's time to SAVE MUSIC!!! I hope everyone starts believing in the value of music again. It's one of the most important arts in life and it is fading away because it has become known as being free, which means it has not value. I would die without music... Wouldn't you? xx mAURA