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TF -- Detergency is 10 years old!

greetings earthlings... the dream will never die the music is preserved Typhoon Ferri will create once again. I don't think a proper new record will surface. The new approach to sharing our original music will come in the form of a You Tube video or something of the sort. I have tossed around the idea of starting a "Typhoon Ferri Bootleg " page. I have tons of tape of live shows from the early 2000s. Lots of jams and odds and sods. Sound quality will vary but if you are a hard core fan, you will find amusement within. Warning: there are flaws, ESPECIALLY from the bass player. Detergency turns 10 this month! The epic record that is both a triumph and a tragedy. It is by far, our greatest moment on wax. Nearly a double album, the listener is taken on a journet through folk, reggae, pop, blues, jazz and even some electronica. Songs about beaches, cadavers, window washers, dark age discos and more. At the time, the press was very kind to the 2-3 year process in makign the album, which nearly destroyed at least one member of the band. Sorry, no tragic drug stories here, but one that you may find boring, that involves a true test of will and patience. My kudos to said band member who's vision and drive kept thsi going. I am not even sure if he has put the album in for a listen from start to finish since this was wrapped back in 2004. I have brought up the idea of doing a show and performing the album. After all, it is our crown jewel. Many of the tracks haven't been performed in years. I would love to play that bass line to 'Dark Age Disco' in front of some peeps. If I can make this work....where can it happen? The landscape has changed. Some of the relations have faded with time. We have really only performed live at Land Ho in Cape Cod of late. That may be a little isolated of a location to have there. We need lights, we need a stage. Great Scott says they don't book our type of music there, well we helped make Great Scott the music venue it is today. I am welcome to ideas...please don't be shy. The key will be scheduling. The other guys are balancing work and families. In addition Tyler and i have our commitment to Deadlands (be sure to check us out here on Reverbnation). But one thing is for sure, the commitment is always with TF as well! We may just rise like a Phoenix once again. When that happens, it will be explosive and beyond what you could ever imagine. It will capture the senses. We can't thank you enough for the love. AJ


As we enter a 3rd weekend in a row of snow here in Providence/Boston (New England), the TF horse has begun to fidget amid its slumber.

The bloodline began to re-emerge. A few shows talked about. Making videos. Got any riffs kinda type shit.

"Do Without the Devil' the last made public TF original track pays homage to what may be in-store going forward. On new songs that is..The video has gotten a little traction on You Tube...

May I remind you that we are not going to perform live like we used to. Other obligations and such in play. It's all good. Because this is a juggernaut. Same 3 since 1998 (give or take a nomadic keyboardist or two). We will have ebb and flows. Much like life. Liken us to the situation of the Black Crowes.

(I have looked at the clock twice during the 3 o'clock hour. It read 3:11 then 3:33)

Tyler and I are about halfway through recording the new Deadlands masterpiece. Check out the Deadlands on our homepage. We expect to leak a song or two from this self-produced stalwart of a record.

--Metta World Peace Out Homies--


Locals, Live album, DJs...

It's been awhile since I last checked in. Chalk it up to laziness of the holidays. It happens every year. My mind hibernates. Focuses more on red wine, pine, presents, vacation and reading. Productivity slowly returns sometime late in January. I did contribute to the book I am writing at that time. What is it about? Well.. ME for that matter. I am kind of a big deal, you know? No release date for the book, because I keep writing new chapters everyday. Those of you who know me personally, know what I am talkin' bout!

So the dirt since my last blog entry on 11/24: Tyler J has joined my other band Deadlands (w/ Steve Cevoli and Ray Memery). We eased him into the madness on New Years Eve with a gig at Bright Night in my hometown of Providence, RI. It was a pretty rockin' show and we played solidly, although we strayed away the jammin' aspect that separates us from all the others. Tyler's inclusion has funked us up a bit more. It is funny, because in Typhoon Ferri, he brings so many layers and influences to his drumming. In Deadlands, he takes somewhat of a backseat, something he is not so accustomed to. Admittedly, some nights when we rehearse, my hair sticks up on my arms. We are a more of a complete band now, and we put the rock in roll. We are planning a big show on March 16 at the Apartment in Providence, opening for Six-Star General's CD release. It will be madness. If you miss it, well, then you will miss one of the year's best nights! Deadlands will also begin to record our new record soon, no outside help... just 100% Deadlands, to be released on the 75orless Record Label. See Deadlands here on Reverbnation or Facebook.

As for Typhoon Ferri...this week we will be unleashing access to an LP of live material culled from many years passed. Archived by yours truly and mixed and edited by Johnny Flypaper, we have culled several tracks recorded in various circles. Keep your eyes peeled for access information. We will be handing out download cards at our show 2/25 at The Locals in North Providence, RI. I have asked my good friend DJ Face (aka The Face Show) to open and close this intimate affair. DJ Face has shaken hundreds and thousands of booties nationwide with his mashing expertise. He goes above and beyond basic mashing by mixing different genres, applying art and film and costume to his shows while never failing to keep the beat from being a booty shaker. For this show, he will be showing a completely different side to his genius (and madness). I cannot wait. The Locals is not a big place and the show begins at 7pm, but this is an event that cannot be missed .Get there early. The menu at The Locals includes ingredients from RI farmers and companies as well as local beverages (rum and whiskey) and one of my favorites.. .Tito's Homemade Vodka from Austin, TX. The Locals is here on reverbnation and for their menu visit www.eatatthelocals.com There is some cool art on the wall and the wood floors and insulated ceiling makes for some warm sound. TfFwill be covering songs from all 3 of our previous studio albums and maybe a cover or two and some new tracks. We will be re-interpreting many of these songs in a stripped-down Tyler-led percussive manner. Admittedly, it has been awhile since we have done a show with an artist I really like. This will kind of bring it back to old days. Please don't miss this!

The Locals 11 Waterman Ave North Providence, RI

Typhoon Ferri and DJ Face/The Face Show Saturday February 25, 2012 7pm-10:30pm

I wanna THANK you...

Wow Holiday season is already upon us. I will always look back at 2011 as "life on fast forward." Thankful for my TF boyz! Here we are, 12-13 years later...shows after shows after shows, highs and lows... while balancing life as we know it. Here we are still mixing it up. We don't play out as much as we used to but we still write and we still slap a video or two on You tube from time-to-time. We will have an expertely selected and mixed collection of live tracks culled from our many-a-year. I know I have teased on more than one occasion previously, but come on...it's Typhoon Ferri man. Any time now... GET IT ! We back up our promises but we'll be damned if a time-frame is placed on it. Well triptafan(Trip Tuh fan????) is kicking in so I must start

Fall upon thee...

Greetings earthlings... taking a deep breath..the air so crisp....smells kind of like veal cutlets and meatballs... oh yeah.. I moved to Providence...Federal Hill to be exact. Love it! An eclectic mix of humans, meatballs, rats, thugs, artists...life as we know it! If you are in town, buzz me up... there is no shortage of a good time! I have not written in awhile. I have been busy. Too busy to write anything fruitful. Between moving and day job work commitments my writing skills were on hold for the month of September. The whole time I was thinking about you, though. So what are we up to? Well a new Typhoon baby was born! Always exciting but a lot of work and band takes back burner. Understood. We had a good solid gig in my hometown at 007. Thanks to all that came out. It was a nice and flattering turnout, so much so that I flubbed the first 3 or 4 songs as I got cold feet seeing all the familiar faces in the crowd. I mean seriously... songs I played a thousand times...Apparently, nobody noticed but Mark and Tyler. We were set to release a live CD/download, but it is being delayed once again, but for good reason. I found more great live tracks in the vault, so I submitted them to Mark and he is carefully pouring through them and re-mixing them. The songs will be culled from several years of performances. Many of the songs I dug up brough tears to my eyes. I miss those days...the youthful exuberance, the rock star first music second attitude. Tomorrow (10/20) we are set to make a video for a new original track. Check out our page on You Tube soon for that. Check it now to see our hilarious Cone videos and performances of some originals and covers. Our next show as of now will be in early November in Waltham. I am looking to see if I can book us in Providence. If you know any good places, or if anyone who books in Providence is reading this ... I know a GREAT band. Almost forgot... exciting news! Tyler will be on the drums for my other band Deadlands' next gig! Only problem...most if not all of you will not see us. We are playing a private Halloween party soon. I actually cannot wait, since the band is different and more rockin' than what we do in Typhoon. Our drummer was not able to make the show so Tyler is coming through for us. This could be kind of like the American version of Black Country Communion. If you are into classic rock and don't know who Black Country Communion is then get familiar. After a few more videos, we do have some other song ideas to work on. I like the direction we are taking. it is kind of like Classic TF. I think our pop experiment is LONG over. We will only be performing about once per month live going forward, but we intend to be productive with new songs and videos and other craziness. Can't thank you enough for all of your support. And yes we do drink in the club house. Only Tyler does not like Fried Chicken!!!! Til the next time... AJF 10/19/11

Summah, Summan, Summah Time

Man, I love Portland, ME. After a slow and soggy start...The Portland Lobsterfest was a helluva time. It felt good to play mostly the TF catalog as well. I do recall I had a complete brain fart on 'American Girl'...normally one I ace. I am a bit ticked off at meself. We were hoping to jam with Miss Maine, but she didn't have her trumpet. She play some other instruments, too. We were quite impressed. Guess she finished in the Top 8!!! Go Maine! And and MAD MAD props to the Falmouth Rotary Club...esp Ray and David. Oh, btw...the reason for my slang. I am sippin' on Polar Diet Rasp Lime with Tito's Homemade Vodka (Austin, TX baby!)...that after knockin a few back at the Warwick TGIFs. I had some scans and shit today. I had to knock back a few to reward my good behavior. Sorry, can't go into detail. Back to the band...looks like its family time and summah time for the band so no shows in the short term, but stay tuned as opps pop up all the time. Happy Fourth of July. SET LIST @ Portland Lobster Fest: (in no particular order) Whitewater Not Just Anywhere Crystal Shawmut Shuttle T Montgom Overture Infamous Billie Jean Cash Back Time to Overcome American Girl/Ants Marching (Medley) Do Without the Devil (new song--major work in progress) Latino Keno Somewhere in the Song Me and Julio Down By The School Yard Good for Nothing Pray for Landing

New Tracks for Future Wax

We have been getting together in Newton, MA (Parallel Sound Group) to work on some new tunes. We are going back to the 'Detergency' style of writing. The first song that we debuted at the Mad Raven on Friday, is called "Do Without the Devil" and has a blues-groove feel. The song began when Mark had forgotten something that was needed at practice on day. He had to go home to get it so he says to the world's best rythmn section... "start two new grooves before I get back!" Always up to the task within minutes I had a bass lick and Tyler had a drum beat. "Devil" was soon born. From there some parts were added and the song was pieced together. The other groove born that time is heavy funk...think "Lava Lips" meets "Elisha Brown" and sprinkle in the band Lettuce. Right now that song has not really been tinkered with and sits on the back burner until the other two songs are good to go. The 'other' track is untitled but in infancy stages leaning on a sort of Irish-funk influence. I am excited for these new tracks. I would expect "Do Without the Devil" will be played at the Portland Lobsterfest; June 25. 1pm set Start. We'll be mixing our best tunes with some of your favorite songs by other artists! Congratulations Boston Bruins. I have yet to come down from the high! AJ

The Road Ahead

Hard to believe we were 3 snot-nosed kids back in 1999... here we are still kickin' it...still having fun! We have 3 cds in the books, and a live compilation due very soon. We have Myspace, Facebook, Reverbnation, I Tunes, E Music, You Tube, and all those networking sites. We just don't Tweet. Twitter. Do we need to? Does anyone really care? Are we just not cool? Who cares... So, lately, with kids now in the mix we have switched gears a bit. We are fresh off of a real good show at The Mad Raven in Waltham, MA on 5/20. We played a stripped down set, Mark on the usual acoustic guitar and vocal, me on my acoustic bass, Tyler on Congas and other assorted percussive instruments and our friend Kevin on Keyboards; Kevin the Golf Pro. We brought back some tunes from our critically acclaimed CD "Detergency," which was real nice. I have a big hard-on for 'Detergency' so anytime we can add more of those tracks back to the set, I am happy. Going forward, we have begun working on some new tunes. One tune that is nearing completion is a funky bluesy piece that takes us back to the 'Detergency' days. The other track is in a much more infancy stage that has a real fuzzed out funky bass line. I am excited. I think it is really great to go back to what made Typhoon Ferri what it is. We also will put up a few more videos on You Tube. If you have not checked out the two CONE videos, please do so. They tell a great story and it is hilarious. Til next time... HAPPY SUMMER AJ 5/24/11