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Music is my daily medicine and i have never felt better .I wish all people would spend a little bet more time listening to different geners.. Its just a twist away on your radio or a click away on ur pc ..Loving all the music is closley to loving every different color man / woman on earth

da Bonus B. O. N. U. S.

I try to keep my mind body and soul frre from the poison and tricks that we face from our own fears Its easy to be or act mean just to cover the pain and hurt that is tucked away..the unknown can be scarey or a unexpectant delight..music is a type of body armor.for others it could be bowling fishing etc. Find ur joy and ride it untill the brakes come off ,then repair it and ride it some more dats da BONUS

Bringing Out New Underground Sounds da BONUS Kb Bonus

There are alot of copy cat who want to steal ur name ur beats ,, ur tools and i am a living witness. It happening because its not easy for the newbe's to keep up with the real artist talent today ..Yes the bar is set high by myself and others,whom put it there long befor i arrive . Not to close or keep out anything. But to give the very best we /artist have to give. I personally have had song /music use without creditation and even my name. Now all the newbie's wants to put da( Bonus ) somewhere in there name But they can;t be me Music is where i live .. in between the beats and the tones is where you can send me my bills My living breath is music it is the Bonus and my love to create music is a deeper desire than words can express.. Listen to the wind the rain the birds and for sure , you will heart a song for the soul