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About John Breen


Baxter Labatos of The Celtic Music Fan interviews John Breen.

This is a candid interview covering the journey into the world of composing tunes, the inspiration behind the songs and the challenges along the way. A musician’s life is an exciting road with twists and turns, plus interesting characters that pop up once in a while. It is the beauty in accidental meetings, the out-of- the-blue conversations and how to stay grounded though them all. So check this interesting conversation with the artist John Breen and the beauty of Irish music! http://67music.net/features/john-breen

John Breen Wins Track of the Week Awards

John Breen Wins Five "I Like It"  Track of the Week Awards for "Campfire In The Dark", "Bold Fenian Men" "Maggie".'You will go' and 'Black is the colour' Read full details here http://www.johnbreenmusic.com/news.html

Capturing the True Essence of the Celtic Soul

Emphasis Records has set an April 30th release date for the 2nd John Breen Album "Old Men In Hats". Previously signed to sister label Alternative Urban Records, John Breen's debut self titled album, comprised of vocalist/guitarist John Breen and his band Finan, was a compelling tribute to Irish ballad tradition. His new album "Old Men In Hats" is the summation of the Celtic Nation as a whole from the last six years—and further back to deep rooted issues, filled with emotion, triumph, good times, loss and the ever present over-coming Irish spirit. 

Recorded in November 2009, Atlanta Music Group, the umbrella for both labels, felt that the new direction in World Music that Emphasis Records was taking was a better fit for John Breen's sound. Says Emphasis Records producer of John Breen's music, Steven Hawkins, "The new direction of the label allowed us to strengthen our relationships and ultimately to find a better fit for John beyond his previous recording. Now, six years later, John's music has traveled the world and we feel this new album will bring an experience to his new album and our World direction beyond what we imagined."

On the new release John Breen's clear, expressive and emotional voice is captivating, making these 16 tracks of original and traditional songs, an enjoyable listen and well worth the wait.

"This album is all about the everyday ups and downs life throws at you," says John. "The album's songs address life as it's been in Ireland the last few years through all the economic high points and then back to the basics of the traditional tunes I equate with overcoming struggles as Ireland has always known how to do. I'm excited for Emphasis to have taken on the project and for our fans to hear it!" 

JOHN BREEN - OLD MEN IN HATS Musicians JOHN BREEN - vocal/acoustic guitar MICK REDMOND - mandolin/banjo BRIAN DOYLE - accordian-tin whistle PETER WALKER - bodhran LARRY CULLEN - pipes TOMMY BREEN - tin whistle/bodhran/bones

Track Listing: 1. Rosemary Bailey 2. Dublin Is A Long Way From Here 3. Maggie 4. Aidan McAnespie 5. The Mason’s Apron 6. Campfire In The Dark 7. Jimmy The Dude 8. Old Men In Hats 9. A Man You Don’t Meet Everyday 10. Raggle Taggle Gypsy 11. Joe Kaye 12. Ringsend Rose 13. Rained For Sixty Three Days 14. The Bog Down In The Valley O’ 15. My Last Farewell 16. Old Man