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Video - Jenkintown square


Little snippet of Who We Are

Jenkintown square

Had great fun at the open mic-ish thing on the town square Jul 4th. Hope to play more in J-town!


Moved to Philly!

Moved from Raleigh area to Philly suburbs in 2014. Still settling in. Looking forward to hitting the Philly scene soon!


Well, it seems Reverbnation stripped out the ability to post attachments. My songlist vanished. See my other blog posts for a complete list of my current repertoire.


Acoustic Originals: D-Tune (instrumental); Lisa (instrumental - with bass guitar lead); Moonbow (instrumental); Morning Escapade (instrumental - with bass guitar lead); Who We Are (vocal); The Refugees (vocal);

Acoustic Covers: Cool Water - Willy Porter; Solsbury Hill - Peter Gabriel; Midsummer's Daydream - Rik Emmet of Triumph (instrumental); Sketches in the Sun - Steve Howe of Yes (instrumental); Mood for a Day - Steve Howe (instrumental); All Along the Watchtower - arranged by Michael Hedges; The Rain Song - Led Zeppelin; Over the Hills and Far Away - Led Zeppelin; Busted Stuff - Dave Matthews; Grey Street - Dave Matthews; June - Spock’s Beard; Walk on the Ocean - Toad the Wet Sprocket; Someone Else? - Queensryche; Crazy - Seal; Closer to the Heart - Rush; Squonk - Genesis

Electric Covers: Always with Me, Always with You - Joe Satriani (instrumental);

Electric Originals: Stale Popcorn (instrumental); Many Miles (instrumental) Consider Yourself Free (vocal, lyrics by Stephen Susco); Common Phenomenon (instrumental); Worlds (instrumental); Dark (instrumental);