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The lies will b revealed

Our present time is but a featureless blur of force fed media and mind washing religious fascism. There are so many truths overlooked , and so many lies embraced. Deadly sinz is not here to preach or tell what to think. We are here to ask you to just THINK. Think for your self. Look inward and outward and believe in yourself. Only you know the truth of your heart and mind. We are here to help expose the lies and atrocities that happen before us all every day and go unnoticed do to the fast paced lives we are forced to live ,and the smoothing done by media , government ,and religions. The hypocrisy is to much to bare. Stand up with us and raise your fists and your voices in anger. Defy what you are told to believe. Stand against the lies. Yours truly Grady hansen.....deadly sinz

Deadly Sinz

We Are Coming For You ALL