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Suicide Awareness

So I'm doing the "Out of Darkness Walk" in Lake Placid NY this year. It's for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention and I'm asking for donations.... I always dislike asking for money, I usually avoid it.

This is a great cause and I'm doing it for a dear friend. So if ya got anything to spare, a $5 or a $10 that would be great. Here's the easy way to do it.... https://afsp.donordrive.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=donorDrive.participant&participantID=1314156

Memorial Day

I hope my friends and family will come down to our local Schroon Lake war memorial on Monday at 10 for our Memorial Day service as we honor the brave men and women service members that are no longer with us. I've been a part of this small but meaningful ceremony for 9 years providing sound reinforcement. Come thank a vet and be part of our service.


My first recollection of crazy good guitar playing was the Beano album by John Mayall with Eric Clapton playing guitar. I remember hearing Hideaway for the first time and was blown away. I never knew it was a Freddy King tune until much later. The circle is complete, I'm now playing it live. I've posted my version... I hope you look up all the different versions by EC or SRV or even the Freddy King version on Soul Train, which is a hoot!

Cinco De Mayo song

Well Cinco De Mayo is approaching so I dug up and old Cinco song from my vault of old acoustic live stuff. Thanks for all that bass Blair, you always seem to know exactly what to play ...and when.

The Hub

We're back at the Hub in Brant Lake this summer. May 17th, June 17 and Aug 4th. Great beer and wine, a little food and us The Fabulous Marking Time all times 7-10 ish....come visit us.

A new review of my song "Hero"

I just got this wonderful review from Gabrielle Azi from songladder. My song "Hero" has been around a little while and it's nice to that it is still making people smile. To read the full review look here, and THANKS. http://www.songladder.com/reviews/gabrielle-azi/the-country-hero/

Open Mic time off

We at the Witherbees OPEN MIC are regrettably going to take some time off. We need to get the venue some needed upgrades and will be back in May. THANK YOU for all your support and look forward to a great spring and summer here in Schroon.

Bar Vino Jan 18th

We're back at Bar Vino Jan 18th. come join us for fun music from Memphis and New Orleans. A little Jazz and a little Rock and Roll. Tapas and wine pairings or my fav....dessert with Upper Hudson coffee French press for two. See ya there

Cobble Hill Inn closes

The cobble Hill Inn has closed and we here are sad. They not only were a neighborhood bar, eatery and Inn they also had live music. I performed there often and sometimes with others. Anytime a venue that supports live music closes is a sad day. here is an article about the Cobble and in support I will keep up my original song about it for a while. http://www.suncommunitynews.com/articles/the-sun/cobble-bar-restaurant-changes-hands/?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=facebook#.WG5YixEDRd8.facebook

Thank You

I want to thank all the folks that have hired us to perform for them recently. We really do appreciate it. We know music is big expense to you small businesses and we strive to show you value. Thanks again, Mark and Blair. Merry Christmas